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Thursday, May 30


Girl Genii

Studio Foglio is running a Kickstarter drive to print the new volume 12 and bring older volumes of Girl Genius back into print. It's been a not-entirely-unexpected runaway success, unlocking all sorts of stretch goals, including PDF versions of all 12 volumes. Which are included as a bonus if you buy volume 12. Even if you buy volume 12 as a PDF. Which costs a very reasonable $10.

Yes, for the next four days you can get the entire series in PDF form for ten bucks.

Or $275 plus shipping for the full series in physical softcover form.  Shipping being another $95 to the far side of the world.

So, PDF it is.

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Friday, May 10


Oh My Stars, There's Another One

Amid all the random craziness and angst that makes up my life these days, there's a steady drip of light in the form of brick-based role-playing-strategy-gamey-things.

The aptly named Cube World.  No idea when it's coming out.

Fifteen months ago, I was looking forward to only two games - Mass Effect 3 (which EA managed to fuck up, though not irredeemably), and Torchlight II, which was pretty good, though I remember the first more fondly.

Since then, we've had a new XCOM game, EA has announced, launched, and irrevocably ruined SimCity - to the point where the major feature announced for The Sims 4 is that it will be single player - I've discovered KairoSoft, and Kickstarter has exploded onto the indie gaming landscape like a big bomb made of money.  Starbound is on its way, and Terraria has been revivified.  Kerbal Space Program is amazing, but requires more time than I have (which is zero) to really get anywhere.  We've got four major new isometric party-based single-player role-playing games on the way, with the first (Shadowrun) due next month.

And now we have these voxel-based games like Stonehearth and Cube World which take a fascinating tack, using the absurd amounts of graphics power that we have at our disposal today (you can get 1.8 TFLOPS for less than $150) to make games that manage to look endearingly retro and fluid and engaging at the same time.  I can't wait for them to come out so that I can not have time to play them either.

Oh, and here's the gameplay trailer for Stonehearth, without the talky bits.


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Friday, May 03




The game is apparently in a very early state (despite appearances); the developers estimate there's a good 16 months of work before release.  With any luck the millions of dollars they raise over the next few days will help speed things along.

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Wednesday, May 01


Meelions And Meelions

Good news, everyone!
  • The Starbound pre-order has passed the meelion-dollar mark and bagged all three stretch goals set so far (a new alien race, alien fossils, and alien starter pets).  No telling yet what else may be in store, but the development team - some of whom had taken second jobs in order to keep things going - are apparently still slightly dizzy from their unexpected success.

  • The Torment2: Tidy Numerology Kickstarter Drive Bonus Paypal Round hasn't quite tipped the project over the $4.5 meelion dollar mark for the final stretch goal - an in-game Fortress of Tormentitude player stronghold.  But it got pretty darn close, and with (apparently, significantly) lower than average payment failure rates, inXile have deemed their fundedness sufficient to add that particular fig to the pudding anyway.
Since these are two of the games I'm most looking forward to, this news is most welcome.

Oh, and Futurama got cancelled again.  But it had a decent run in the end.

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