This accidentally fell out of her pocket when I bumped into her. Took me four goes.

Wednesday, January 14


How To Sell Something To A Pixy

  1. Take five things the pixy wants that would cost $150 individually, and sell them as a bundle for $100.
  2. Offer the pixy a 30% discount and a $5 voucher every month if they join your club.
  3. Take another 50% off for two days only.
Works every time.

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Wednesday, January 07


The Most Useful And Elegant Site On The Web

No, not this, though it does run a close second if I say so myself.


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Sunday, January 04


What's In The Other Box, Pixy?

What, you mean this orange one?

Yes, I did rather splurge in the Christmas/New Year sales.  Offline, I only bought Godannar, The Dresden Files, and the Spore expansion pack.

My Adobe CS4 disks arrived, of course, which was a nice present.

And then online I bought Poser 7, Manga Studio Debut, Anime Studio, Acid Pro, and eight loop libraries, all discounted between 33 and 55%.

And then I hit Steam, and bought the Orange Box ($26.99), the Super ID Software Pack (everything ID has ever published, right back to Commander Keen, $34.99) and Bioshock ($4.99).  Tried to pick up a couple of other things, but Steam aren't selling them in Australia. sad

Which means that in addition to the 5GB or so of Acid Pro stuff, I have waiting to be downloaded: Half Life 2 (3.5GB), Half Life 2: Episode One (4.7GB), Half Life 2: Episode Two (9.7GB), Half Life 2: Lost Coast (2.9GB), Portal (6.2GB), Team Fortress 2 (7.2GB), Bioshock (6.9GB), Quake 1, 2, and 3 and expansion packs (3GB) and Doom 1, 2, and 3 and expansion packs (4GB), and a bunch of other smaller things.

The quota canna take it, Cap'n!

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Friday, January 02


The Wonders Of Modern Technology II

I've been loading and re-saving all my old Acid projects.  The problem is that the loop files are not saved with the project, and when you come back 8 years later and re-install everything with later versions of the software on a different operating system on different hardware* it can't find the loops any more.

It has a built in search function that activates on load when it can't find a loop in its old location, and it's reasonably smart.  If you have, say, 20 different loops drawn from five compilations, once you've found the five main directories it will sort the rest out itself.

The only problem I had was with the "Short_technology" loop I used in Film At 11.  I actually edited that one in Sound Forge to get it just right, and I haven't seen the edited .wav file since 2001.

So I tell Acid to search all local drives, and after grumbling for two or three minutes, it actually found it.  I don't know how many files there are on Nagi; there's no convenient Windows equivalent of the df -i that tells me I have 3.5 million files on Yurie.  But there's at least 600,000 files on my C drive alone.

And yet, I was able to find the right one.

* We're talking about Acid Music 2.0, Windows Me, and a 1.2GHz Athlon vs. Acid Music 7.0, Vista 64, and a quad-core 2.4GHz Phenom.

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Thursday, January 01


You Don't Appreciate What You Have Until You Go Poking Around The Filesystem Trying Things Out

I wanted to get Crimson, Blue and Fabulous - a compilation of blues brass loops - in the previous Sony Creative sale* but missed out.  Fortunately it popped up in their New Year's sale, and I snagged it this time.**  And it is good.

Since they had a selection of loop packs at $20 each, I got a few others as well, more-or-less on spec.  Browsing around now, I find I have dulcimer loops.  Over 150 dulcimer loops.  And zither loops.  I mean, mandolin, sure, got plenty of mandolin, but dulcimer?

And they actually sound really good.***

I also picked up Poser 7 on sale.  I have Daz Studio, which is free but not as powerful as Poser, and Carrara Pro, which is a lot more powerful than Poser but not as friendly.  Of course, I've hardly used either one.

And I grabbed a copy of Manga Studio too.  Now I have everything I need to produce terrible 3D CGI comics!

Update: Ijits.  All the missile sound effects are labeled "missle".  18 of them.  Perfectly consistent.

* That was a buy-one-premium-pack, get-two-standard-packs-free sale.  This was a selected-packs-at-half-price sale.  Worked out about the same, I think.

** List price $59.95, online price $39.95, download price $29.95, sale price $19.95.

*** I have 60 CDs and 1 DVD of Acid Loops that I've assembled since 2000.  There are now 115 "Standard Collection" disks (from $29.95 each), 23 "Classic Collection" disks (from $19.95 each), 17 Premium Collection packs (2 disks each, from $59.95), and a bunch of other stuff like a 10 CD $425 sound effects set.  I want them all.

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