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Tuesday, February 16


I Want One!

TI BlazeScrew the iPad.  This is the future.

On the one hand, it's a huge clunky thing.


On the other hand, it's a development platform, not a consumer device; it has two 800x480 touchscreens, HDMI out, and a built-in DLP projector; it has two five-megapixel cameras at front and a twelve-megapixel camera at rear; a dual-core 1.2GHz Arm Cortex A9 (superscalar out-of-order SMP); accelerometer, compass, ambient light, proximity, barometric and temperature sensors; Wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS; and easy and open access to all the electronics, networking, and software.

Tech's slate (from the Accountancy story further down) isn't that much more advanced than this beastie.

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Free At Last!

EA have just earned themselves brownie points with millions of gamers by re-releasing three of the older Command and Conquer games - Red Alert, Tiberian Dawn, and Tiberian Sun - free.

Get downloading!

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Sunday, February 14




Come to think of it, I need to redo them to insert Jy and Pi.  So there may be another colour shift coming.

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Tuesday, February 02



Civilizations Wars is like a cross between Phage Wars (population and combat mechanics) and Gemcraft (main map, skill levels and unlockable game modes).  In itself, that's no bad thing: Phage Wars has a neat combat system and Gemcraft is a solid tower-defence game with a great campaign and skill structure around it.

But Civilizations Wars doesn't look like Phage Wars or Gemcraft.  It looks like this:

Opening credits...  In a Flash game?

Awesome opening credits at that.

When three tribes go to war...

Yay turtles!

Replaying the first map, mopping up the last of the Roman-type tribe.  You can see a bunch of my Golems at left, being utterly ineffectual.

My Egypt-type armies are on the move!

It smells like...  victory!

It's a fun mini-4X game with some really cool artwork.  Definitely worth taking a look.

* Well, that's what it sounds like they're saying.

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Monday, February 01


Little Ninja Pixy, Hopping Through The Forest

You search for ingredients, and find: The Right Stuff (2), Potion Base (3), Power Flower (17), Nightshade (9), Apple-y Goodness (3), Glowing Goo (4), Smokeblossom (7), Tasty Twig (17), Malted Pill (5), Twigpile (5), Powerpack (8), Ashen Film (8), Bitter Powder (4), Dayshade (2), Ebony Sand (2), Monochrome Flower (4), Milkshake (5), Stark Moonlight (5)! +110 Stamina

Only two Dayshades?

To explain: This is from Billy vs. Snakeman, that silly ninja game I mentioned a while back.  What you see here is the result of an unleashed Geothermal Acclimator, combined with a White Eye Sannin, a Forest Trail, a Zodiac Zoo, a Fruits Basket, a Quiet Glade, and a MegaTrail Mix. (I lucked out in the Arena and Dark Hour was active and I won 25 out of 28 battles, which put me just over the 10,000 Reputation I needed for the MegaTrail Mix.)  I think that's about the best one-shot ingredient-collecting combination you can get.

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