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Monday, January 24


Obligatory Casting Thread

Well, I've declared today a computer-free day and turned off my Linux box to let it think things over.*

In the meantime, here's a question for all my loyal Munuvians: When they make MuNu: The Movie, who will play you? And feel free to make nominations for the other Munus.

* Metaphorically. To put it another way, I got annoyed and went off to read Gene Wolfe's The Knight.

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Thursday, January 13


Do Not Eat iPod Shuffle

Speaking of shiny things, I just got a Nokia 6670.* Good price, too: My old phone had started playing up, and dropped out a couple of times when my boss was trying to call me.** We can't have that, so he offered to pay for a new phone (as long as it was reasonably priced). Then he got himself a 6670 and decided that I had to have one... So I could teach him how all the features work.

I can deal with that.

It's cheerfully snarfing electrons right now. A bit later on I'll take it for a stroll and see what sort of photos it takes.

* My old phone is a Nokia 7110. When I went to buy a new charger for it a year ago, the woman in the store wondered what it was. She'd never seen one before... Come on, it's not that old!
** We're rolling out our ADSL service next month and he's one of our guinea pigs. I have to be contactable 24/7 in case he loses internet access.***
*** Which doesn't seem to happen now that we have a few modem settings ironed out.

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