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Twelve years!
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Ha! Twelve years!

Sunday, September 17


Rick And Morty

Alright, I finally watched this.

It's...  Good.  It's good.  It's smart and funny and only about 80% cynical.

And it commits 100% to its premises and stories and characters.  Every time you think, "Wait, what about..." they turn the thing you thought they'd forgotten into a plot point or character moment.

It doesn't reset anything out-of-universe.  If there's an in-universe science-fictional mechanism to restore the status quo, that's fair game, but when they do that they also play with the consequences of the mechanism.  Some of the best stories are entirely about the characters resolving the side-effects of setting things back to normal in the previous episode.

Another thing I like is that it's not just about Morty going on adventures with Rick while everyone else clings desperately to the idiot ball.   (Yeah, I'm looking at you, Phineas and Ferb.)  Not much of a spoiler since the opening credits show other family members caught up in the insanity, though it takes a bit longer than that for it to actually unfold.

If you can take the art style and the fact that Rick is about 90% awful, recommended.

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