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Tuesday, February 23


Daily News Stuff 23 February 2021

Minitru Approved Edition

Tech News

  • Building ByteDance's censorship machine.  (Protocol)

    If you're using a Chinese online platform, the Chinese government reads everything you say.  If you speak a language the spies don't know, you will encounter technical difficulties until you stop doing that.

  • They both blinked.  (Sydney Morning Herald)

    Facebook is unbanning Australia after some minor amendments to the shitty new link tax legislation.  They still have to pay the link tax, they just have more time to negotiate deals before any arbitration is triggered.

  • Samsung's S21 Ultra is a brilliant flagship phone but.  (AnandTech)

    Lacks a headphone socket, has no options for expandable storage, and starts at $1200.

  • JPEG XL is JPEG 2000 only good.  (Cloudinary)

    It supports transparency, overlays, animation (albeit very basic animation), and can be transcoded losslessly from existing JPEG images.  That is, both JPEG and JPEG XL are lossy, but there's no additional loss in the conversion.

    The sample images show that some of the competing formats - not JPEG XL - have interesting artifacts at high compression levels.  That is, they don't look like artifacts; they're not blocky, blurry, or smeared.  They just get the details wrong.  Flick between the original and compressed version and some of the fine details move.

  • JWCC is JSON with commas and comments.  (GitHub)

    Seems reasonable.

  • Concise Encoding is JSON with the lot.  (Concise Encoding)

    And a fried egg on top and spam.

    If you want JSON with the lot, the spec looks good.  If you want it in a language other than Go, time to roll up your sleeves.

  • Yes you can.  (Late Checkout)

    Article about Reddit - and how it is undervalued relative to the other social networks - mentions as a glaring flaw that you can't search within a subreddit.

    You can.  The UI isn't great; you either need to know the syntax, or enter your search and then choose to narrow it to a particular subreddit, but it absolutely works.

    Much of the advice given in the article seems similarly wrong.  The numbers are interesting, though.  Unless they are also wrong.  I didn't check.

Disclaimer: r/theydidntdothemath

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