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Saturday, February 09


We're Going To Need A Bigger Envelope

I've been doing some back-of-the-envelope calculations on the real-world impact of the Green New Deal, based on existing projects like the California and Texas high-speed rail lines, and the cost escalation involved in running a multitude of such megaprojects simultaneously and on impossible deadlines.

First, if we take the published GND outline literally, the cost would run to around $375T per year, about four times the Gross World Product.

Second, during the execution of the 10 Year Plan, industrial and transport activity would be multiplied by roughly a factor of six - and so of course would greenhouse emissions.  Replacing air transport with high speed rail, for example, would take 500 years to show a net reduction in CO2 emissions.

Third...  I'm not sure if there even is a third.  This is insane.

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