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Saturday, August 28


A Little Piece Of History

With the Republican Convention upon us, and with it the CounterConvention, it is worth revisiting this little piece of history, which I had the foresight to save shortly before their hired monkeys returned from lunch and deleted the whole thing.


P.S. The wretched formatting is as per the original site.

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Thursday, August 26


Go Australia!

Yay! More gold for us, and we've equalled our 16 golds at the Sydney Olympics and pulled into third place by the traditional ranking. Russia had a good day too, so we'll have to stay on our toes.

Not that I've actually, like, watched any of the events...

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Thursday, August 19


Taking Out The Trash

The usual suspects are trashing Unfit to Command in a series of factually-challenged and often revealing reviews at Amazon, giving the book an average - indeed, unanimous - rating of one star. And in return:
4 of 41 people found the following review helpful.
3 of 31 people found the following review helpful.
2 of 35 people found the following review helpful.
3 of 35 people found the following review helpful.
Who will review the reviewers? We will.

Oh, and the revealing part?

The accounts are vague at critical junctures, and each and every claim has already been refuted by Democrat operatives.
Democrat operatives? VLWC, anyone? From the inside?

Of course, the only point directly addressed so far by the Kerry campaign is the famous "Christmas in Cambodia" story, which has now morphed first into a "Christmas near Cambodia" story and then into a "Late January/Early February in Cambodia" story. I think all that searing might have affected someone's brain.

(Pixy Misa is messing about with the MuNu forums and the new MuNu portal, and will return soon. This gratuitous sniping at the Campaign To Elect Someone Who Isn't George Bush was brought to you by a bottle of Cherry Coke*.)

* Bottle of Cherry Coke does not represent the opinions of the Coca-Cola corporation or its employees or shareholders. I am Pixy Misa and I approve this message.

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Saturday, August 14



Giant Mutant Ant Colony Found In Australia!

Melbourne, to be precise. Bwahahaha!

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Sydney Morning Herald Delenda Est

The Squeeze Is On

Today we see the new and energetic Opposition Leader, Mark Latham, struggling in the fist of Prime Minister, John Howard, the Machiavellian monster threatening to crush the neophyte leader much as he dispatched the past three Labor leaders - Paul Keating, Kim Beazley and Simon Crean. But unlike those three, Latham has flared briefly into the public view and, if crushed now, could well be remembered, like John Hewson, only as the man who promised greatness but lost in his moment of testing.

Today, front page, above the fold.

Why don't you just rename yourselves the Sydney Morning Leftist Rag and have done with it?

Paul Keating was never in the public view? What the hell? He was only the bleeding Prime Minister of Australia for five years. Could someone find out what the people at the Herald - sorry, the Leftist Rag - are smoking, and take it away from them?

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Thursday, August 12


Do You Want Your Possessions Identified?

Explorers find world's deepest hole, plunge to their deaths, only to discover that they were carrying an amulet of life saving all along.

Okay, I made that last bit up.

(Thanks to Rayra on LGF)

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And It Started Out So Well...

Editorial in the Toronto Star:
What do Americans need in their president, post-9/11? Strong leadership, of course. Clear vision. Common sense. And in a dangerous, fast-changing world, the capacity to learn from past mistakes would be helpful.

Senator John Kerry, the Democrat who hopes to elbow President George Bush from office on Nov. 2, promises all of the above and more. But there was little of it on display Monday, when Kerry responded to Bush's challenge to spell out where he stands on the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Fair enough. Kerry is, as always, trying to stand on both sides of the fence.
Rising to Bush's bait, Kerry said he would have cast the same Yes vote in Congress that he did on Oct. 11, 2002, to authorize the president to launch a pre-emptive war that began March 19, 2003, even if Kerry had known that Saddam Hussein had no ties with Al Qaeda terrorists, no weapons of mass destruction and posed no real threat to the world.
Which is something of a flip-flop for Kerry, but we'll leave that alone.
"I believe it's the right authority for a president to have," Kerry now says. Only he would have used that power more "effectively."
Now, the real question here is what would Kerry have done differently? Specifics. We want specifics.

Does the Toronto Star ask this question? No. Instead:

This amounts to a sweeping claim by Kerry that America has carte blanche to make war on even bogus grounds, and in defiance of the United Nations and world opinion, so long as the war is waged effectively.
While Kerry's statement could be taken to mean that, we know where this is really going.
It's depressing from a candidate who has attacked Bush for "misleading" the nation, who promises a better direction and who claims to want to re-engage with the world.
I'd say it's pretty much on form for Kerry, but if the Toronto Star wants to be depressed by Kerry's form, I can't argue.
Kerry's vote in 2002, while misguided, was defensible. Bush had exaggerated Saddam's threat, and had won over 7 in 10 Americans to the view that the Iraq war was justified.
How, exactly, had Bush exaggerated Saddam's thread? Specifics. We want specifics.
But since then, the U.N. has been vindicated. Saddam was contained; there were no ties to the 9/11 terrorists; and Iraq had no nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.

Saddam was contained? Only with a permanent force of U.S. and British troops present, and at the expense of the Iraqi people.

No links to the 9/11 terrorists? Saddam has not been tied directly to 9/11, but he has been shown to have had connections with al Qaeda. The links are there.

No nuclear weapons? But not for lack of trying.
No chemical weapons? You mean, except for those Sarin gas artillery shells?

That leaves most Americans feeling misled, or duped.
Unsupported assertion.
They can see the damage to U.S. prestige internationally.
The French don't like America. But then, they never did. All that has changed is that the mask has slipped.
The loss of more than 1,000 American and allied lives, and 16,000 Iraqi lives.
Even if 16,000 Iraqi lives have been lost (and I'd like to see the source for that figure) we can note that these largely fall into two groups:

1. Bad guys. Baathist thugs of all sorts and Islamist militia.
2. Ordinary Iraqis killed by group 1.

And how many people would have been killed by Saddam's regime in the past 15 months if we hadn't invaded?

A $200-billion cost.
Yes. Ballpark.
And they see no easy exit.
They're Americans. And British, and Australians, and Poles, and others. They didn't go in looking for an easy exit.

Unlike some.

All this is baggage Bush should carry to the polls, alone. But Kerry has just re-endorsed his misguided policy, if not its clumsy delivery.
And here come the ad-homs.
No wonder Kerry is struggling to pull ahead in a race with a president who has not delivered promised jobs and who is seen as a friend of the rich and powerful.
There's a kernel of truth in the jobs remark.

But to say that Bush and not Kerry is seen as a friend of the rich and powerful takes a truly amazing level of bias.

Practical politics undoubtedly prompted Kerry's reply.
He is loath to admit he cast a foolish vote in 2002.
Or possibly he doesn't consider it a foolish vote?

Well, who the heck knows what Kerry thinks anyway.

He does not want to alienate voters who were similarly duped
Duped? About what? By whom? Specifics, please.
and who are not keen to be reminded of it. And he must not be seen as "soft" on Saddam.
Well, I should bloody well hope not!

Saddam Hussein was one of the bloodiest tyrants of the last few decades. He oversaw a regime of murder, rape and torture. He used poison gas on his own people, massacring entire villages. No-one sane would want to be seen as "soft" on Saddam.

But Kerry comes off looking like "Bush lite" on Iraq, rather than as a candidate with better values and a sounder program. He seems weak. Muddled.
Has he learned nothing from a slew of American investigations that have exposed the sloppiness of U.S. intelligence and the shabbiness of the rationale for war?
Has the rest of the world entirely lost its moral compass?

Yes, the intelligence was not up to scratch. But the moral foundations of the war are absolutely unshakeable.

This is a letdown for American voters who yearn for a real alternative, and a healthier direction. It is not good news for the world, either.
I agree that the failure of the Democratic Party to come up with a viable candidate is bad for America and bad for the world. But a truly viable candidate would have views on the Iraq war closer to Bush's than to Kerry's. Which is not, I think, what the Toronto Star is looking for. And in any case, Joe Lieberman did not get the nomination.

What they want to do is to go back to the holiday from history we enjoyed from 1993 to 2000. But that world is gone, never to return, and we are at war. It's not a war we started, but it's a war we must finish. And the hapless bleatings of dying newspapers like the Toronto Star* cannot be allowed to weaken our resolve.

(And worst of all, Debbye Stratigacos of Being American in T.O. should be doing this, but she hasn't posted in over a month. If anyone has heard from Debbye, please drop us a line.)

* "Buy the Saturday Star and get Sunday to Friday FREE!"

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Wednesday, August 11


No Shit, There I Was...

The Liberal Case Against John Kerry by Matt Taibbi.
After listening to John Kerry's acceptance address last week, I did a little experiment. I decided to remove everything that was bullshit and see what was left. I invite New York Press readers to follow me on this journey, step by step.
Read the whole thing.

For those slackers who don't have time to read it, here's his final analysis of Kerry's speech: more...

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Monday, August 09


Just Thinking Out Loud

A few months back, I was called by a political polling organisation. I was rather busy at the time* and anyway I hate political polls because they are, frankly, full of shit. So I told the nice young lady on the phone that I wasn't interested in taking part in her charming poll and hung up.

Now, I'm not exactly normal, but I can't be the only one to do this. So I'm just wondering how many people might be telling the pollsters to, well, shove it, and what the distribution thereof might be.

* Sleeping. It was a Saturday, and that's what I do on Saturdays.

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Sunday, August 08



"Rarely is the question asked, is our children learning?" Let us analyze that sentence for a moment. If you're a stickler, you probably think the singular verb "is" should have been the plural "are," but if you read it closely, you'll see I'm using the intransitive plural subjunctive tense. So the word "is" are correct.

In my sentences I go where no man has gone before...I am a boon to the English language.

(More here)

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