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Friday, November 05


Thanks For One Thing, President Obama

Just one thing.


1 Australian dollar = 1.01500 U.S. dollars

Just after the Global Financial Kerfuffle, the Australian dollar plunged to US 55¢.  How things have changed in two years.

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Thursday, November 04


Misplaced Snark

Mea culpa.  Or at least, mea snarka.

When that huge German sinkhole opened up and it was reported that "natural causes were suspected" and I said "As opposed to what?", well, as opposed to subsidence due to mining operations.

Which appear to have not been the cause, hence the perfectly reasonable statement about natural causes.

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Note To Republicans

You won.  You made greater gains in Congress than in any election since 1946.  You've been handed a mandate to be the Party of No for the next two years.  You don't even need to come up with a platform.

If you're depressed because you didn't somehow take the White House in a mid-term, consider this: Think how irritable President Obama is now, when his party has had control of both houses of Congress for two years.  Now think how he'll feel after two years of the Republican-controlled House blocking his every move.  And gloat, just a little.

Oh, and if a group of Democrats approaches you looking to rent fifteen hundred tug boats and ten thousand miles of steel cable, you might want to cut them a deal, just this once.

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Note To Democrats

You lost.  You lost because the country has seen the direction your party is headed and wants no part in it.  You suffered your worst losses in Congress for 60 years.  The Republicans won not because of their sparkling personalities or inspired policies, but simply because they're not Democrats.

If you're gloating because two or three of the Tea Party candidates didn't win, then at least you're easily pleased, something likely to stand you in good stead in 2012.

Also, you should probably look into cutting California adrift before it drags Nevada or Oregon down with it.  Probably best to just tow the entire state out to sea and scuttle it.

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Wednesday, November 03


As Opposed To... What, Exactly?

Repairs are to begin Wednesday on a 65-foot-deep (20 meters) sinkhole that opened in the eastern German town of Schmalkalden on Monday, local authorities said.

The sinkhole, which measured more than 130 feet (40 meters) across, swallowed a car and forced the evacuation of 25 people in nine houses, the regional newspaper Thueringer-Allgemeine reported.


Jürgen Reinholz, environment and agriculture minister for the state of Thuringia, said natural causes were suspected, according to Spiegel Online International.

Uh huh. Thanks for that.

(Quality reporting from CNN.)

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