This accidentally fell out of her pocket when I bumped into her. Took me four goes.

Saturday, October 09



That's exactly what I got banned from Twitter for.

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Tuesday, October 05


Daily Epic Takedown Stuff 5 October 2021

PRGuy17 on Twitter is a cut-price Goebbels to Dan Andrews' dime store Hitler.  He claims that lockdowns in Victoria saved 120,000 lives, which would require a death rate two to ten times that of the worst-affected US states to be remotely possible, depending on exactly how his fiction is meant to be interpreted.

This thread - it's a long thread - analyses the numbers and figures that the lockdowns in effect killed 52,000 people.

Meanwhile, a quote from the new premier of New South Wales:

New South Wales already had the least worst state government in Australia - not a high bar.  Sign that it might actually get better rather than worse with the change of leadership?

Also, yes, the server outage here was due to the same BGP configuration error that took down all Facebook properties and caused issues with DNS servers around the world, and not because I turned off the alarm after it started beeping at 3AM not due to any server issues but because my own internet connection was flaky.

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