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Friday, August 06


Tell Me Again Why I Need You, Karl

Damned if I know.

You might have already seen the ad produced by Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. On its face, it's pretty damning for Kerry. I can't speak to the truth of the allegations, but the accusations do not sound out of place, nor do the accusers seem to be unreliable.

There are a number of ways you could respond to this: Release all your military records (which Kerry refuses to do); bring out witnesses to counter the allegations; try to smear the veterans; simply state that there is no truth to it.

But having your lawyers send threatening and misleading letters to radio stations instructing them that they should not play the ad seems, somehow, counter-productive. Not to mention, tone-deaf to nuance. Isn't Kerry supposed to be the nuance candidate?

More at Roger Simon and Instapundit and, I suspect, a hundred other blogs. Ace of Spades has more, Patriot Paradox has a note about John McCain's views, and Physics Geek notes another Democratic Party attempt to stifle dissent that is sure to backfire.

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Wednesday, August 04


Waste Not, Lest You In Turn...

I was just over at Q&O, and in checking my recollection of the history of Charles Martel, I realised something:

In the time since the American War of Independence - since when the United States has had a single, continuous government (setting aside that unpleasantness in the 19th century, which didn't really represent a break in that continuity anyway); in the time since Australia was settled by the British - since when Australia has moved peacefully from being a colony under a British-appointed governor to being an independent, democratic nation; in just over two hundred years France has burned its way through two kingdoms, two empires, an occupation government, and four republics.

Seems wasteful to me.

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In the Continent of the Blind

A fascinating look at Europe's view of America: Hating America.

Unfortunately, at some point the article encountered some piece of Microsoftware and was effectively moronized. If you can get past all? the ?random? question?marks, though, you?ll do fine.

Update: Rob points out that if you change the encoding in your browser to Western / ISO 8859-1, the article looks much nicer. From the menu, choose View->Encoding->Western European in IE, or View->Character Encoding->Wester (ISO 8859-1) in Mozilla. This is supposed to work automagically, but in this case, doesn't.

(Via Ghost of a Flea)

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Noam Chomsky Sleeps Furiously

While they didn't use my brilliant title, the book I wanted is out:
The Anti-Chomsky Reader does not seek to deprogram members of the Chomsky cult. But it does offer a response and antidote to the millions of words Noam Chomsky has emitted over the last 35 years, and tries to explain to those who do not yet accept him as their rinpoche what he has stood for during that time. Some of the ideas on his intellectual curriculum vitae that are discussed in the following pages—his defense of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge; his support of holocaust revisionism—may surprise those who know Chomsky only generally as a critic of U.S. foreign policy. Other of his commitments—the assertion that the U.S. as a world power is continuing the program of Nazi Germany and his fierce hatred of Israel—will, unfortunately, be more familiar. But either way, as Chomskyism continues to grow at home and abroad, it is clearly time for a reckoning.
A snip at just $10 too! (It will probably be $39.95 by the time it reaches Australia.)

Meanwhile, busy busy time is over, so I'll be back starting tomorrow.

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