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Tuesday, October 30


Two Minutes Too Soon

I was taking a nap just now, and I had this dream where I was meeting the Secretary for Somethingorother of a small European country.  I don't remember the name of the country (if it ever came up in the dream), but I do know the name of its two principalities: Frooinzetland and Nuinjipoland.

Because, you see, the Secretary brought his four Undersecretaries - the Political and Social Undersecretaries (for Somethingorother) for Frooinzetland and Nuinjipoland - to the meeting.  And when he introduced them, and then every time after that when he referred to them, he got them mixed up.  I'd ask him a question, and he'd direct it to one of the Undersecretaries, so that if a question involved the social impact of something on the elderly men of Frooinzetland, he'd refer it to the (young, female) Political Undersecretary of Nuinjipoland.

The Undersecretaries never batted an eye; they simply corrected the Secretary as he spoke and handled the questions with perfect aplomb, no matter the topic:
Secretary: Well, I think I can best refer that question to the Social
PUN: Political
Secretary: Undersecretary for Frooinzetland
PUN: Nuinjipoland
Secretary: Who is after all an elderly
PUN: Young
Secretary: Man
PUN: Woman
Secretary: Himself.
PUN: Herself.  We've recently completed a study of that very question, and the statistics show a clear improvement across a broad array of indicators...
When refreshments were served, not only did the Secretary confuse tea and coffee (with and without milk), but directed policy questions to the waitress, who also handled them with perfect aplomb.

Things started to deteriorate as the Undersecretaries (and everyone else present) were tricked into revealing that they were variously gay, transgendered, drug addicts, adulterers, and so on.
Secretary: Well, seeing that the Political
SUF: Social
Secretary: Undersecretary for Nuinjipoland
SUF: Frooinzetland
Secretary: Is a straight
SUF: Gay [strange looks from other Undersecretaries]
Secretary: Woman
SUF: Man [very strange looks - SUF is wearing a dress]
It had all the makings of a classic Monty Python sketch.

But then I woke up before the punchline! frown

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Tuesday, October 16


Home Again

Just got home and fired up my email.  Shortly, I expect, I'll have a couple of hundred new messages to read.

I set up webmail before I left so that I could keep tabs on things; unfortunately, it didn't actually work.  So sorry if you've been waiting a couple of days for me to get back to you.  And if it's not urgent, you might be waiting a few more hours yet, as it's nearly bedtime.

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Saturday, October 13


And Do My Shopping At The 7-Thirteen

I don't know how common this is, but it's the pattern I fall into whenever outside factors are removed.  I am not naturally diurnal.

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Thursday, October 11


This Always Happens

I'm off to Melbourne for a few days to visit my nephews.  And their parents too, I suppose.

Today it was 30C in Sydney.
Tomorrow it will be 15C in Melbourne.

Maybe I'll pack a long-sleeved shirt after all.

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