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Tuesday, September 19


Brain Slugs R Us

I've had my brain slug removed.*

The thing that has eaten all my time for the past two months is done, dealt with, finished, over, forgotten, dead and buried at a crossroads at midnight with a wafer in its mouth and a stake through its heart.


I'm back to working on Minx. Being paid to work on Minx. Not quite full time - under the agreement I worked out, I have to look after some other stuff as well - but it is the major focus of my day job. (As well as being a major focus of my free time.) Yay for that.

Right now I'm setting up Kyon, Yuki and Mikuru, the Minx development and test servers. Haruhi is running pretty well, by the way, though of course the super-duper Core 2 Duo with 4GB of memory is brought down to Earth on a regular basis by software, peripherals, and networks.

My iPod is still working. My notebook has started crashing randomly again.

And tomorrow I turn 40.

I'm not going to have a mid-life crisis. I'm too busy dealing with actual crises, thank you very much.

*"Poor little guy starved to death."

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Thursday, September 14


Lights, Action, Camera!

I'm in the market for a new camera.

I have a Sony DSC-S85, which is quite a good camera, but it's rather slow (really bad for action shots), has only a modest zoom range, and only supports Memory Stick cards up to 128MB.

I'm not a professional photographer, or even close, and for the most part I'm planning on taking outdoor photos for web use. I need a camera that is fast, easy to use, not overly bulky, not overly expensive, has a good zoom lens, and can take a decent sized memory card.

I'm thinking of getting the Panasonic FZ50. It's not a pocket camera by any means (it's bigger than my S85), but 10 megapixels and a stabilised 12x Leica lens? Works for me.

Yes, a digital SLR would be better. But a digital SLR with a couple of decent lenses would run twice the price of the FZ50. And I'm not going to be producing A3 prints of my photos; I'm going to be scaling them down, if anything.

Thoughts, anyone?

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Thursday, September 07


To A Tea

I was trying a new iced tea today (Tetley Peach and Orange, very nice) and noted that it contained even more sugar than the Lipton tea I normally drink. After consuming an entire 1.25 litre bottle of it, of course.*

And then I wondered just how sweet they could make it.

The answer is roughly ten times as sweet.

I don't think that even I could drink that. It would be like drinking honey, something I hardly ever do.

And you know how honey never spoils?** Plasmolysis. Makes sense; I was wondering where this magical natural antibiotic effect came from. It's nothing fancy, it just dehydrates the little buggers.

* A 1.25 litre bottle of this from the minimart downstairs from the food court I usually go to costs only slightly more than a 500ml bottle bought in the food court. The only problem is that I then tend to drink the whole thing over the course of the afternoon.

** Well, now you do.

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