Is this how time normally passes? Really slowly, in the right order?

Monday, December 29


Who's That Knocking At My Door?

At 9AM on December 29?  Probably Jehovah's Witnesses.  Roll over and go back to sleep.

Except, as I discovered later, Jehovah's Witnesses don't slip notes under your door saying that they tried to deliver a package from Singapore.*

Fortunately - just like Jehovah's Witnesses - FedEx keeps coming back.

Update: Just arrived.  In fact, they sent me both the Windows and Mac versions, which would be great if (a) I had a G5 or Intel Mac (I have four Macs stashed away in various closets, but none of them are exactly recent), and (b) I had the Mac-version CS3 install disks from which to upgrade.  Why they insist on sending out upgrade-only disks for a subscription-only product requiring online activation will forever remain a mystery.

Update: It comes on four DVDs.

* Singapore?  Took me a minute to work that out too.  It will be my update to Adobe Design Premium CS4, which I've been waiting on for weeks.  Perfect timing too, now that I have my new PC all set up and running happily.

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Thursday, December 25


Merry Christmas-Type Thingy Everyone!

I slept and played FFIV.

It's the first day I've really had off in six weeks.

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Tuesday, December 23


Christmas Shopping

Just say aargh.

I have four presents for my brother - he's easy to shop for.  Now I just have to get things for everyone else.

Last year I did potluck Ghibli movies - bought a bunch of Ghibli movies (and a copy of Millennium Actress, just to keep it interesting), wrapped them identically, and let people pick one each.

Which worked out great - we all ate too much and then lounged around watching Pom Poko.  But I don't know if it's something I can do two years in a row.  Nor can I think of any other anime I'd want try it with.

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