Monday, December 29


Who's That Knocking At My Door?

At 9AM on December 29?  Probably Jehovah's Witnesses.  Roll over and go back to sleep.

Except, as I discovered later, Jehovah's Witnesses don't slip notes under your door saying that they tried to deliver a package from Singapore.*

Fortunately - just like Jehovah's Witnesses - FedEx keeps coming back.

Update: Just arrived.  In fact, they sent me both the Windows and Mac versions, which would be great if (a) I had a G5 or Intel Mac (I have four Macs stashed away in various closets, but none of them are exactly recent), and (b) I had the Mac-version CS3 install disks from which to upgrade.  Why they insist on sending out upgrade-only disks for a subscription-only product requiring online activation will forever remain a mystery.

Update: It comes on four DVDs.

* Singapore?  Took me a minute to work that out too.  It will be my update to Adobe Design Premium CS4, which I've been waiting on for weeks.  Perfect timing too, now that I have my new PC all set up and running happily.

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Thursday, December 25


Merry Christmas-Type Thingy Everyone!

I slept and played FFIV.

It's the first day I've really had off in six weeks.

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Tuesday, December 23


Christmas Shopping

Just say aargh.

I have four presents for my brother - he's easy to shop for.  Now I just have to get things for everyone else.

Last year I did potluck Ghibli movies - bought a bunch of Ghibli movies (and a copy of Millennium Actress, just to keep it interesting), wrapped them identically, and let people pick one each.

Which worked out great - we all ate too much and then lounged around watching Pom Poko.  But I don't know if it's something I can do two years in a row.  Nor can I think of any other anime I'd want try it with.

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