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Friday, March 18


How's The Weather In Sydney Now?

Rain.  Rain rain rainity rain.  Rain with cloudy periods and patchy rain.  With more rain, and occasional showers, sprinkles, and storms.

For at least the next week.


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Monday, March 07


My Entertainment Unit Just Exploded

No, really.  I was sitting here, reading my email, when there was a horrible crash from the other end of the living room.  One of the glass doors of the entertainment unit had spontaneously disintegrated.  The rubble is all over the floor, still ticking and popping.

The glass is - was - curved, so I suspect it's been under internal stress the entire time and just suddenly gave way.  I have my air conditioner on, and it's in the line of the air stream, so perhaps the temperature differential added to that.

Somewhat unsettling, having furniture explode without warning like that.

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Wednesday, March 02


Cool Beans

Good: New air conditioner!  (It's only taken three years...)

Bad: Had to get up at 6AM because the air conditioner guy was coming at 7AM...  And I only got to bed at 4AM. sad

Ugly: It's Autumn.  It was over 30C (86F) here yesterday, but this morning it's not even 20C (68F).

Potentially Still Good: It can still get pretty hot in Sydney in March.

Also Good: It's a reverse-cycle unit, with 6kW cooling and 5kW heating capacity, so I'll be comfy this Winter as well.  In fact, it's twice the size of the old unit.  I just wish I'd had it a month ago.

Also Ugly: It's ugly.  The old cheap crappy unit that this replaces might not have worked, but it was compact and stylish.  This one ain't.

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