Well that's good. Fantastic. That gives us 20 minutes to save the world and I've got a post office. And it's shut!

Tuesday, October 31



Took Friday off sick.

Got a call on Saturday that one of the systems was down. Said I'd look at it on Monday.

Monday arrives, and I look at it. Seems that both sides of a mirror had spontaneously converted themselves to unrecognised volumes. The system had become somewhat disconcerted, and crashed.

Yes, I had a backup. A complete, up-to-date backup.

Because I'm paranoid.

Fortunately, very soon all of this will become Not My Problem.

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Saturday, October 28



So I'm back from my holiday, which was fun, but I brought some uninvited guests with me.

The worst cold I've ever had.

For four days my throat felt like I'd been gargling RFNA. The only thing that made any difference was tea. A nice mug of English Breakfast with honey would make the pain go away for half an hour, and keep it bearable for an hour more. After that, it became so uncomfortable that I was unable to sleep.

So a full night's sleep required five or six large mugs of tea... which comes with its own problems. Needless to say, I have not been sleeping well. (This morning I got four hours uninterrupted - starting at 6AM. That's the best I've done in the past week.)

But at least in the agonizing pain stage I wasn't much trouble to others. After four days of that, I returned home from my trip, and by the next day the pain had largely faded.

But I wasn't better.

I had moved on to stage two, which combined heavy (and pretty yucky) congestion with an incessant cough. The part where I bark like a seal is particularly amusing. So I need to take a decongestant and a cough suppressant, and use the manual override when I really do need to cough.

And an antihistamine, because just because I'm in bed with a horrible cold doesn't mean I don't get hay fever as well.

As of this afternoon, the cough seems to be under control. Either the codeine worked or it's just run its course; the last bad session was at 4AM. Now I just have to see if that's it, or if there's a stage three, where I presumably implode or break out in hives or something.

I'm not complaining - okay, I am complaining - just letting you know that I am back but not exactly running at full efficiency just yet.

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