Why did you say six months?
He's coming.
This matters. This is important. Why did you say six months?
Why did you say five minutes?

Wednesday, October 31


Trickle Treat!

Had a few groups this year, about 15 kids in all, ages ranging from about 3 up to 14 or so.  Got rid of about half my candy so far.  Only ate one piece myself.

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Saturday, October 13


Tap Tap On My Window

More of a thud, really.

Opened the door expecting to scare off a raiding possum, but found a rainbow lorikeet instead.  I think it my have flown into the window and dazed itself.  It was skittish but not panicked when I approached to check on it, so the neighbours may have been feeding it.

It wasn't obviously hurt, so I put out a little dish of peach slices for it and left it to recover.  Not sure what else to do, and calling the local wildlife rescue volunteers seems a bit excessive given that they not exactly rare hereabouts.  (They flock in the trees near the railway station, and the collective noise at sunset in summer is astounding.)

Update: Lori was still there this afternoon, so I called WIRES, the Australian wildlife rescue service.  Sadly, Lori passed away before a volunteer could arrive to help.  I donated $100 in her name.  Well, in my name, since lorikeets can't get credit cards, but in her memory.

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