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Thursday, February 09


5 Accessories Every Man Should Carry

  • Hedgehog

    You never want to be without a hedgehog; they make great company, and in dire extremis, good eating.

  • Deck of cards

    Handy if you need to make friends and they're allergic to hedgehogs.

  • Can of spam

    You can feed it to the hedgehog, and the empty can has a huge range of uses, such as a hedgehog bathtub.

  • Clawhammer

    Fight off zombies, drive nails, pull nails, light fires, catch fish.

  • Towel

    For wiping up incriminating evidence. May also have other uses.

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Friday, February 03


Some Days

Some days I have a problem, and I spend hour after hour looking for a solution that doesn't bring more trouble than the problem itself, growing ever more frustrated until I want to kick the whole project to the kerb and take up potato farming.

Other days I find a solution that kind of works, then another solution that's better, and then another solution that's better still, in the space of an hour.

Today has been one of those other days.  They come rarely, but all the more satisfying for that.

Fontspring and share today's Does Not Suck award for reasonable pricing and no-nonsense licenses.

Update: Or not.

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