A cricket bat!
Twelve years, and four psychiatrists!
I kept biting them!
They said you weren't real.

Tuesday, September 14


Life In The 21st Century

Or, What I Did On My Weekend, by Pixy Misa, Age 2B16

Caught up on a three-week laundry and ironing backlog, cleaned the kitchen, scoured the Wasteland for wooden tiles, dug out a controller for the genetic analyser for the robot dinosaurs, had a teriyaki chicken fried rice kimchi omelette, went shopping, fought off a network worm that was overloading two of my virtual environments, set a social media indexing server to automatically balance multiple tiers of storage, and listened to a series of radio plays.


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Wednesday, September 08


I Needed That

Plugged my iron into the power strip to iron a shirt so I could go out and buy some more half-price M&Ms and it went POP! (the power strip that is) and blew its internal safety cutout and the kitchen circuit breaker.

The same power strip runs my phone and my modems, so all my internet connections went away.

So I checked everything and powered back on, and now my backup internet connection is running three times as fast as before.

I have no idea why.  And no, I'm not planning to try this again the next time I have connectivity problems.

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