Monday, February 02


It's Alive!

Crawled up to the supermarket just now. My house is located in a pocket of peace and tranquility in a very busy area, but it's a long way from the shops. If you took a compass and transcribed a circle centered on my house with a radius of just under a mile, you'd hit a whole bunch of shopping centres, but inside that circle - nada.

But! Mars and Snickers bars 40% off! Buy! Buy! Also Bounty, but they didn't have none. Also didn't have no Tropical Frosty Fruits, a subject on which I have ranted previously.

And the bakery was out of cheese and bacon danishes, which are my new favourite snack/meal-type-thingy. They're always out of the cheese and bacon ones, and they always have the cheese and tomato and cheese and spinach ones left over. Do they learn?

Well, evidently not.

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Sunday, February 01


Still No Chocolate

Still dead.

Just blogging to let you know that I'm fine, just dead. Nothing serious.

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