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Monday, September 01


Mmm, Drugs Chicken

So I went out and got my drugs. I suffer from hayfever - I'm allergic to a bunch of things: dust, pollen, cats, idiots - so every day I have to take a little pink pill. One little pink pill and I'm fine; it takes care of everything (except for the idiots, which I have to deal with in the old-fashioned way). As long as I take my pill, I'm asymptomatic except on the very worst days of pollen season or when I spend the night at my brother's house in the bed the cat sleeps on. (And did I mention the ducks? Remind me to tell you about the ducks.)

So, I make sure that I never ever ever run out of my little pink pills, because the consequences are pretty nasty. After twenty-four to forty-eight hours of no pills, the anti-histamine level in my bloodstream drops below the panic line, and I start to sneeze. And I don't stop until I go out and get some more pills and take one or two and then wait a couple or three hours and maybe get some sleep. So I never run out of pills.

I ran out of pills last night. Blershoo!

Anyway, I got my pills, and I had some lunch at Oporto (Portugese-style chickeny things), and I took one of the pills (which is just starting to take effect now) and then I went to Kathmandu and bought half a dozen assorted t-shirts with lizards on them because my old Kathmandu t-shirts are starting to look like they have died of mange. And then I went to The Phantom Zone and although they've moved everything around I managed to find volumes six and seven of 3x3 Eyes.

3x3 Eyes is the story of Yakumo, a typical Japanese high-school student working his way through school by waitressing in a TV (and no, I don't mean television) bar, and Pai, a pretty young innocent mysterious ancient evil girl, whose pet demon-bird Takui kills Yakumo in the first chapter of the story.


So Yakumo and Pai head off to Hong Kong (where else?) in search of some means for Yakumo to not be quite so dead anymore and for Pai to be a normal human girl rather than a time-share for the last of the Sanjiyan Unkara. The anime series of this is very good and highly recommended (I mentioned it in my Anime Top 25, but it was at number 25 and I didn't get around to reviewing it at the time). Unfortunately, the anime only runs for seven episodes, in two parts of four and three episodes each, which takes you, if I recall correctly, to about volume four of the 35-volume (and counting) manga series. So if you want to find out what happens after that, you have to read the manga. Which is s-l-o-w-l-y coming out in English from Dark Horse (the good people who bring you Dirty Pair).


Damn, I think I'll have to take another pill.

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