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Saturday, April 09


Put A Sock On It

I was out shopping for socks at lunchtime, because this morning I discovered that I had five clean socks, none of which matched. Anyway, I went to David Jones, which is having one of their "not a sale" sales (including 30% off socks) and bought another six pairs of the socks with little sheepies on them.

In the next aisle they had men's underwear, including some examples adorned with Mr Men characters. Or rather, one character in particular, since they were all identical. I'll let you guess which one.

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Friday, April 01


Always Division Tomorrow, Never Division Today

Sorry, my article about long division and the future of information technology will have to wait until the weekend. Busy day today; our bill run normally goes out on the 2nd of the month, but that's a Saturday this time. Plus a short week due to Easter equals busy Pixy.

That and one of my rare migraines-that-actually-hurts. Bah. Normally I get the auras but not the headache, but every now and then the full package. Not crippling the way some people get them, but spending half the morning feeling queasy and flinching at loud noises is still no fun.

Anyways, I'm off to play with Nucleus, and then maybe whack a monster or two in FF X-2 before bedtime.

Update: Installed Nucleus using Fantastico, discovered it wasn't the latest version, went and updated Fanstastico, discovered that it still wasn't the latest version, deleted it all and went to bed. Well, posted this update, and then went to bed. Will have went to bed. In a minute. Really.

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