What is that?
It's a duck pond.
Why aren't there any ducks?
I don't know. There's never any ducks.
Then how do you know it's a duck pond?

Wednesday, July 30


Life, The Universe, And Everything Status Report

I hate everyone.  I'm going to bed.

(As I hinted in my earlier post, I'm being kicked out of New Pixy Central, because the place is being sold.  Again.  I promptly got on the internet and looked for a new place to live.  There's nothing remotely suitable in the area.  The block I live on must have a hundred town houses - I live in a complex of 18, and there's similar complexes each side and an even bigger one behind, and more down the road - and not one of them is available for lease at the moment.  I did find two brand new townhouses, both larger, nicer, and cheaper than my current place.  Unfortunately, one's in Bowral and the other's in Ringwood.  Bah.)

(Actually, I'd happily move to Bowral, except they only have Telstra for internet.  Telstra.  Fuck.  The number one go-to telecommunications company, if you're looking for absurd prices and obsolete technology.  I could get iiNet or Exetel on a Telstra line.  It'd be slow, but significantly less sucky than Telstra themselves.  Sigh.)

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Tuesday, July 29


Pixy's Real Estate Tip Of The Day

It's never a good sign when your landlord suddenly starts taking an interest in maintenance.

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Sunday, July 13


Global Warming Come Home!

All is forgiven!

It's 13C here in Sydney.


With the heater on.

I think I need to fire up my old PCs again.  At least they kept my toes warm.  These new energy efficient models suck in Winter.

Update: Back to normal Sydney Winter weather today, i.e. short sleeves and air conditioning, with intermittent showers of religious fruitcakes.

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Saturday, July 05


Need A Better Camera

Also a tripod.

Heading out to the shops just after sunset, I noticed a really nice example of Earthshine and decided to go back and grab my camera and take a picture.

Which did not turn out at all well.

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