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Wednesday, October 27


Aaaand... I'm Back

Miss me? Wondering where I've been?

Well, let's see:

Picked up some nasty tummy bug the same day our internet connection went out at work and didn't get properly fixed until 8pm (not good when you're setting up to become an ISP, even a virtual one). Went down to Melbourne to visit my nephews, where after a week of mid-Summer weather in Sydney (highs apparently over 40 degrees in some areas) I discovered that warm weather here does not necessarily translate to warm weather there. Survived on toast and vegemite for four days, after which the tummy bug surrendered unconditionally. Bought a bunch of comic books. And some roast chestnuts, which I hadn't had before. Strange things. Came home. Read said comic books (including vol. II of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which frankly, I don't think is really all that special). Rebuilt my Linux box (finally) which, despite requiring me to update 405 packages, went completely smoothly. Linux box now has everything RAID-5 or RAID-1 again, with two independent RAID-5 arrays, one of them hot-swap (at least in theory), and direct fan cooling for every disk drive. (It also currently has the case open and a 30cm fan pointed at it, as used by the Australian Government.) Bought a Palm Pilot (Tungsten T3; I looked at the reviews of the T5 and decided I liked the T3 better). Nice toy; adequate screen, as opposed to my old Pocket PC, which was definitely inadequate. If you get one, though, you need to be prepared to spend another $50 to $100 to get the software it should come with, as the software it does come with is crap. It works, it just doesn't actually do anything. Kind of like MS-DOS, which never crashed because there wasn't anything there to crash. Discovered that without a memory card the Palm is largely retarded; you can't even put an MP3 on it. In fact, its handling of files is retarded; it wouldn't know what a file was if one bit it. So: ordered a 1GB SD card online. They're cheaper than you think. Went to Animania on Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed it last year, when it was held at UNSW, my alma mater if old undergrads can use the term. This year it was at the Sydney Town Hall which despite boasting an impressive pipe organ didn't seem as good a venue. More central, at least, since it has its own railway station. Unfortunately, I sat right up front near the stage for the cosplay competition. Why unfortunately? Because they had this sort of catwalk thing this year, and all the contestants spent their time out on the catwalk, either facing directly away from me or with the host blocking my view. The judges for the event were on the opposite side of the catwalk, so I guess that made sense, but it didn't make for good pictures. Also, the shutter lag on my Sony P85 is a killer for action shots, unless you like looking at girls' bums. Which I do, but seeing their faces once in a while is nice too. Got my 1GB SD card, and immediately filled it with music. Couldn't find my albums by thingy, whatsername, they're not there! Maybe I never ripped them to MP3s? Oh, Deborah Conway, that's who, maybe if I look under D?* Put those on there too and I have, oh, 11MB left. Battery life, like the screen, is adequate; it doesn't go flat in a typical day's use as an MP3 player and a Game Boy substitute while I'm on the train. (Who buys these things to take notes?) I found one of the Seven Magical Fish of Isola, too, but then the invisible Zinger got me. Deleted a thousand spam comments from all across MuNu. And then a yacht ran into the Opera House. As Simon knows, I work only a couple of blocks away from there, and there were ambulances and fire engines running about like ants when someone's kicked their nest over. And then the main entrance to Wynyard Station was closed for some reason, so I had to go round the corner, up one block, and in the top entrance on Clarence Street along with 97 million** other people and one of the escalators was closed and the other one was turned off.

And now I'm home.

And you? How have you been?

* Yes, D. Yeah, I know. Shut up.
** Approximately.

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