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Sunday, February 15


Could Be Worse. How? Could Be Raining.

Most people have a story to tell when they find themselves passed out on the bathroom floor in a puddle of their own vomit. Even if they can't remember it.

Me, nope. Dinner at home, listening to Ace of Spades podcast, start to feel really sick, run for bathroom [TMI elided] then the food poisoning (if that's what it was) brings on a migraine as a special guest star and I find I can't stand up any more, or even sit up, and lying down on a floor that I've just thrown up on actually starts to look like a good option.

Then I pass out for a while.

And, in extra bonus this-is-my-life-now news, my neighbours are making so much noise (at some time after 10 at night, and they've been carrying on like this since 8:30 this morning) that they wake me up. Food poisoning, migraine, massive sleep deficit due to recent rush jobs at work, comatose on the bathroom floor, and they wake me up.

No idea what it was.  My first thought was scombroid poisoning, but unless turkey has been reclassified as fish, that's impossible.  Very rapid onset, almost equally rapid recovery.

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