This accidentally fell out of her pocket when I bumped into her. Took me four goes.

Saturday, December 24


That's Not Reindeer On The Roof

I have possums.

You live in Hornsby. Everyone has possums.

In my walls.

Yay! Wallpossums!

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Monday, December 12


Into Hot Water

I have hot water!

Let's see:

The electricity was disconnected.
The gas was turned off.
The hot water system (which is one of those crappy "instantaneous" ones) requires both gas and electricity. The gas supply was turned off at the hot water system as well, and the electrical outlet was a good 18" away from the end of the power lead. Nice design work there, guys. I'm too stupid to unwind the power cord from the top of the heater. Or maybe it was just more obvious to my brother, who's a couple of inches taller than me.

Anyway, fixed now. I have hot water again. All I need now is to get my washing machine repaired, and then sleep for a year.

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Saturday, December 10


The Fun Never Stops

So there I am, heading into the bathroom to wipe off the sweat that comes when you have spent the day shifting eighty boxes of books from the top floor down into the garage in 30 degree heat. And I reach for the wash cloth, and I get a handful of AAH GIANT SPIDER GET IT OFF ME GET IT OFF ME!!!!!!

I think the spider had much the same reaction, and it bounced off the wall and ran under the sink. I hosed it down with bug spray and captured it in a cotton-bud box. Long legs, medium-sized body, spiky hairs: a huntsman, which is pretty harmless, and probably the most common large spider around here.

They can get pretty big; fortunately, mine wasn't quite the size of this one: more...

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At Least Somebody Knows What They Are Doing

So eventually I got the keys, went 'round to the new place, looked around. It's even smaller than I remembered. I looked at it briefly and went for the other unit instead, and then I waited... And waited... And waited... For five weeks.

And since I have to move by the end of the year and Christmas is only two weeks away, I had to go for the unit I didn't want. They're in the same complex, but of 16 units, 10 have nice balconies, 12 have attached garages, four have gardens with gates so you can get in without going through the house, and two have nice views overlooking the... Well, it's a swamp, but it's a nice swamp.

My unit has none of those. It's the runt of the litter, but it costs as much as the others. Which I guess is why it was available.

What it also doesn't have is electricity. Something the real-estate agent also didn't mention.

The only redeeming factor was Energy Australia. I called them after five on a Friday afternoon, and they will have the power on tomorrow. Thanks guys.

Update: +10 points for organising the connection on a Saturday. -20 points for not actually recording the reconnection request in the system. -20 points for insisting that the power was already connected when I called to complain on Saturday morning. -10 points for closing at 12 PM sharp on Saturday, two minutes before I located the main switch box with the tag on my unit's switch saying that power had been disconnected.

+10 points for organising a free emergency reconnection on Saturday afternoon. +10 points for doing it in less than an hour.

So, -20 points for the week. Must try harder.

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Thursday, December 08


Packing Or Unpacking?

I'm moving house again. Not by choice; I won't go into the vermin bastard scum-sucking pig-dog details. Anyway, it's the usual last-minute scramble, and I was called away yesterday to tend to a sick Linux box, taking five hours out of my schedule, which was not really very helpful. Hence the comparison below.

Five weeks after it was supposed to be available, New New Pixy Central still isn't available, and I've had to move into a different and less suitable place. Bah and humbug. The only plus with the New New New place is that it has air conditioning in the main bedroom. Considering what just happened to the weather here - the cold spell broke and temperatures jumped 10 degrees overnight - air con is actually a big consideration.*

At least this time I will have internet access available at all times, thanks to my shiny new(ish) notebook and its shiny new wireless internet adaptor. And I seem to be doing better than last time, when the scramble was not so much last-minute as last-minute-plus-two-days. That wasn't fun.

Anyway, my empty boxes are calling to be filled with books. I shall return.

* I checked, and the maximum temperature in Sydney jumped from 26C on Tuesday to 39C yesterday. I thought it was kind of warm...

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Tuesday, December 06


Sad News

Pixie the cat, who I mentioned in an earlier post, passed away this afternoon. She will be missed.

Pixie in younger and happier days.

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Sunday, December 04


Notes From Life

1. I never want to deal with another real estate agent as long as I live. They suck.

2. I am almost walking normally again.

Ow. Fuck. Ow. Another move, another scissors-related foot injury. OW.

3. My brother's cat, Pixie (pure coincidence), is not well. Please send happy cat thoughts her way.

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