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Saturday, August 29


The Daily Bleh

Had a power glitch here at Pixy Labs, and my UPS helpfully responded by dropping dead on the spot.

I also discovered that one of the drives in Pepper, my anime storage box, has failed.  But it might have failed previously and the box only noticed when I rebooted.

It's RAID-5, so the data is safe for now, but there doesn't seem to be any way to rebuild the array.  So I have to back up 2.4TB, replace the drive, and restore that 2.4TB.


Do I even have 2.4TB of space to do a backup?

Hmm...  Yes, in fact.  Okay, good.  Off we go then!

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Monday, August 17


Peas, Corn, and Baby Carrots

And a 12 oz. rump steak marinated in red wine and garlic.

Damn.  If I'd bought some of those little potato puffs as well, life would be perfect.  Fattening, but perfect.

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Tuesday, August 11


I Still Aten't Dead

But busy.

My day job involves stitching together social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube into a cohesive and accessible whole.  Last Thursday (and continuing on into the weekend) that whole got DDoSed.  The application providers responded by raising defences, and the combination of the attacks and the defences led to our cohesive and accessible whole decohering and inaccessibilising, and to my having to glue it all back together at several successive 4AMs.

Which general sequence of events is not unfamilar to me, of course.

Somewhere in there I got to go out and see Coraline, which is nicely animated but doesn't hold a lot of surprises if you've read the book, and to lay down rough cuts of the first four tracks of Summer Theologica.  I'm pushing ahead with my ambitious tenth-anniversary schedule of four albums in four months, and damn the torpedoes.

Normality will resume as soon as we are sure what is normal anyway.

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