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Sunday, July 02


A Day Of Peace

The Jawa Report is back up on a new server, at least if you're not in Europe, a large chunk of which has been firewalled off.

The rest of munu is largely stable, although there are a lot minor issues left after all the messing about I had to do during the attack.

I still have two broken computers, but that means I still have two working computers. (Well, two working computers that I am actively using.) I'll get the broken ones fixed sooner or later.

And I had nothing that I had to do today. Lots of things to do, but nothing that had to be done today. For the first time in a month, I didn't have some critical emergency to deal with.

I slept in. I read Alastair Reynolds' Pushing Ice (not unflawed, but eminently readable). I have a million things to do tomorrow, but that's tomorrow.

And now I'm going to go and beat up some girls. (The first reviewer on that page has it pretty much right. Good game, lots of fun, but could have been a lot better.)

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