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Tuesday, December 25


Merry Christmas!

To all the munuvians and meenuvians and to everyone who got lost and just sort of ended up here somehow, a merry Christmas and a happy New Year type thingy!

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Thursday, December 13


Bad Planning

I got all the parts for Haruhi and Yurie delivered to the office where I currently work three days a week.  (The other four days I work from home on mee.nu and mu.nu.)

I ordered half the stuff yesterday, and went out and bought the rest at lunch today.  Now I just need to get it home. 

There's two cases, two power supplies, two motherboards, and a stack of smaller stuff.  It will be difficult to carry it all even in two trips.

I could get a taxi home tonight, but that would cost a fortune.  I'm not in the office tomorrow.  I can't drop in during the day because I've got an air-conditioning repair person coming.  I can't go into the office on the weekend because the trains won't be running.  There's little point coming in next Monday, because I'll be in on Tuesday anyway.  And there's no point taking the stuff home Tuesday or Wednesday, because I work pretty long days and I won't have any time to do anything with it.


Oh.  Ha.  The trains won't be running this weekend between Hornsby (where I live) and the city...  via the North Shore.  But they'll be running just fine via Strathfield.  (That's what I had to do last Christmas, too. There's a lot of trackwork going on because they're building a new line cross-linking the North Short and Strathfield lines.  I think the new line opens next year.)

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Friday, December 07


Growing Old

Had to take my glasses off to thread a needle.

Goes back to working on bliki module and configurable search engine...

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