Why did you say six months?
He's coming.
This matters. This is important. Why did you say six months?
Why did you say five minutes?

Wednesday, July 23


The Problem With Popplers Readers

The problem with having people actually reading your blog is that when you screw up, they notice.

Sorry Tiger, I forgot to close the quotes in a link. Plooie! All fixed now.

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Must Read

Tiger pointed me to the latest post at Collinization, which I must admit I hadn't read for a few days.

It's not his usual funny stuff, but it's even more worthy of your attention. Go. Go now, and read.

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Tuesday, July 22


Let It Be Known

That I was not at all drunk when I posted those posts last night.

Not even slightly, nooo...

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Absinthe & Cookies

Meanwhile, in non-Frank-related news, A Gaggle of Gals (& One Guy) has given itself a fresh coat of paint and changed its name to Absinthe & Cookies. Still as rewarding as ever, so pop over and say Hi to Ith!

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Frnak, Evil Overlord of IAMO

Kevin at Wizbang notes my interest in the Frnak meme.

The reason behind this is simple: Frnak is a much cooler name than Frank.

Let's see what the dictionary says:

frank (frngk)
frngk? It's pronounced frngk?
adj. frank·er, frank·est
Though I think we're Frank enough already, I'll allow this.
1. Open and sincere in expression; straightforward: made several frank remarks about the quality of their work.
Yes, that's him alright.
2. Clearly manifest; evident: frank enjoyment.
As long as he doesn't enjoy himself too much.
tr.v. franked, frank·ing, franks

1. 1. To put an official mark on (a piece of mail) so that it can be sent free of charge.
     2. To send (mail) free of charge.
2. To place a stamp or mark on (a piece of mail) to show the payment of postage.
3. To enable (a person) to come and go freely.


1. 1. A mark or signature placed on a piece of mail to indicate the right to send it free of charge.
     2. The right to send mail free.
2. A franked piece of mail.

Well, there you go! You don't need to buy stamps anymore - Frank will look after that for you!
[Middle English, free, from Old French franc, from Late Latin Francus, Frank. See Frank.]
Hang on, are you saying Frank is an old french guy? Or that he's a dead Italian? I really don't think he's English...
frank (frngk)
There's that frngk again. Sounds like a sick heron.
n. Informal

A frankfurter.

Frankfurter. Also known as a wiener.
Frank (frngk)
Bless you!

A member of one of the Germanic tribes of the Rhine region in the early Christian era, especially one of the Salian Franks who conquered Gaul about A.D. 500 and established an extensive empire that reached its greatest power in the ninth century.

I bet that Frank was only able to conquer Gaul because they didn't have ninjas. All the sloths and platypi were probably on vacation at the time, too.

\Frank\, n. [OF. franc.] A pigsty. [Obs.]

Aha! Paydirt! Frank is a pigsty. And obsolete.

\Frank\, v. t. To shut up in a frank or sty; to pen up; hence, to cram; to fatten. [Obs.] --Shak.

Frank is Shakespeare? I'm not sure what they're getting at here. Anyway:

\Frank\, n. (Zo["o]l.) The common heron; -- so called from its note. [Prov. Eng.]

I knew it! Frank is a heron! Or his parents were herons. Or he was named after a heron. Possibly a heron with a bad cold. Frngk!

\Frank\, a. [Compar Franker; superl. Frankest.] [F. franc free, frank, L. Francus a Frank, fr. OHG. Franko the name of a Germanic people on the Rhine, who afterward founded the French monarchy; cf. AS. franca javelin, Icel. frakka. Cf. Franc, French, a., Franchise, n.]

And now the truth emerges!

Frank founded the French monarchy! But beware of Frank, lest one of his trained herons throw a javelin at you! (Frank owns the French javelin franchise, so he has lots of money to spend on trained herons.)


2. A native or inhabitant of Western Europe; a European; -- a term used in the Levant.

Uh-oh! Better not let Buck the Marine know about that, Frank!

Now, let's see what the dictionary has to say about Frnak:

Yes, Frnak the Evil Overlord keeps his secrets well.

Though interestingly enough, the dictionary suggests that I may be thinking of frink:


/frink/ The unknown ur-verb, fill in your own meaning. Found
especially on the Usenet newsgroup news:alt.fan.lemurs,
where it is said that the lemurs know what "frink" means, but
they aren't telling.

Does this mean Frnak has the lemurs working for him? Are they a match for Frank's trained javelin-hurling herons?

Only time will tell.

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Jennifer's History and Stuff

Blog of the Day is Jennifer's History and Stuff:
Apparently I am pretty morbid, because while I was on vacation, I went into the book store in Hayward, Wisconsin and saw two books side-by-side. One was titled "Sex: a User's Guide." The other, "Death: a User's Guide." I had limited funds available, and wanted both but could not justify buying both. So I had to choose. I chose "Death." (I already know all about sex, heh heh. J/K.)
Lots of history, much of it relating to past presidents:
James Monroe, President 1817-1825.

Liberia was founded by the American Colonization Society in an attempt to return freed slaves to Africa. Motives behind the society ranged from getting rid of "the negro problem" in America, to spreading religions, to sincerely returning blacks back to their native land. As a result, Liberia was heavily influenced by American culture. The capital city, Monrovia, was named after the fifth American President James Monroe who was a major supporter of the society.

But not all:
For one thing, the brain was removed from mummies and discarded because the Egyptians didn't see any point to that particular organ. The heart was thought to be the location of memory and intellect. I always knew the Egyptians kept the heart in its place while placing other organs (liver, lungs, intestines, and stomach) in canopic jars. I also knew the brain was, er, scraped out rather unceremoniously through the nose or from behind an eye and thrown out. I just never realized why.
Links too, of course, including this one to a delightful exchange on Susie's blog that I somehow missed.

Jennifer's History and Stuff: Tell 'em Pixy sent ya.

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Monday, July 21


Bow Down Before Frnak

It would seem that the Frnak meme is spreading. Get yours today!

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Blessed Be

Frnak has a long post in praise of Glenn Reynolds and Kevin of Wizbang.

Go read it!

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Flappy Me

All my life I've wanted to fly

Like the birds that you see way up in the sky.

Making circles in the morning sun,

Rising high in the sky 'til the day is done.

I'm a Flappy Bird!

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Ramblings of SilverBlue

Blog of the Day is Ramblings of SilverBlue:
I've been giving this blog entry some consideration for several weeks. I have an acquaintance who is so airheaded, she would lose her ass if it weren't at the top of her legs.

Before you ask, yes she is blonde. And forgetful. She forgets to pay her house payment. She forgets to let the dogs out. She forgets that her husband might want sex now and then.

She forgets to do the dishes, to drain the sink, to answer the phone, but she knows how to email, how to use YahooMessenger (and others), and how to eat.

She forgets to wear underwear, and when she does remember, it's normally some loud colour under white clothing.

She forgets to put her fake hair on straight. To correct her mascara where it's smudged. Worse yet, she forgets to wipe the lipstick off her teeth.

Good thing her head doesn't have a cork, or it'd deflate.

Now, stop laughing and do something productive.

It's hard to describe this blog - or even find a representative quote, because it's all over the map. In a good way.
Ok, so I'm jumping on every bandwagon possible ... and some that probably aren't possible. Here's a poll. Unless you are from Florida, you know how these things work.
Rants, lists, pictures, links (I'll leave you to find Sumpoosie by yourself) - everything a respectable blog needs is there. This ain't no respectable blog, though: This is Ramblings of SilverBlue.

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