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Thursday, January 18


It's Alive!

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(Does happy dance.)

The production version of Minx is up and running.

As I was slogging through it, and through the enormous lists of fields that the new version provides, I was thinking this is not going to be fast.

Well, a page of 1000 posts comes up in 220 milliseconds (with Psyco; 300ms without). That doesn't have inline comments, because I've broken the comment handler, but I would hope you aren't using inline comments if you have 1000 posts per page...

That's not slow.

Update: Except it didn't actually include 1000 posts. Bleh. Bug hunt time.

Update: Ah, it's a not-a-bug. It's returning 255 posts. Hint hint. Okay, I'll just tweak that...

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Hmm. Anyway...

Approximately 20ms for a normal page of 25 posts. You can see that this blog takes rather longer than that; that's the effect of the inline comments, which are dynamically sanitised in the old version. The new version does static sanitisation, which should eliminate much of that performance penalty. (Also, I'm not using Psyco on the server, because I ran into a memory leak when I tried it; that's since resolved.)

So I'm through restructuring the code and data.* Now the fun begins!

* Mostly. Still lots of tweaking to do, but the heavy lifting is done.

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