A cricket bat!
Twelve years, and four psychiatrists!
I kept biting them!
They said you weren't real.

Saturday, August 18


Found A New Editor!

I'll see if I can deploy it here for some live testing.  I will definitely use it for the new system.

It's called Redactor.  The other one I'm looking at is called Froala.  Froala has some neat tricks, but it's a bit on the expensive side.  Redactor is 60% cheaper, plus I bought a license for an earlier version years ago, so I can upgrade to the latest version for half price.

Redactor has fewer tricks but has a nice API for adding extensions, so I can tie it into my new API.  

For example, if you start typing an @name, I can look up your friends list and show you the matching names and when you select one, automatically turn it into a link.

Also: Autosave.

Update: Bought a Pro license for Redactor.  I got a Basic license all the way back in 2012 to try it out, but didn't switch at the time.  They've done a whole bunch of updates since then.

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Saturday, August 11


Maintenance (Just A Bit)

Had to restart the application container due to a memory leak.  

It looked like an I/O error at first, because the first sign of problems was images refusing to load.  But that was because of the on-demand resizing Minx does, which is fairly memory-intensive.  There are no I/O errors in the server logs or the backup logs, so after a quick restart and some parameter tweaks (and an extra backup, but that's still running) we're back on the air.

Right now the application container  is using 400MB out of the assigned 24GB, so we should be fine while I poke around and find out what happened.  There is only one code change I've made since we moved, but that should use less memory, not more.  Hmm.  Maybe not...

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Sunday, August 05


More Updates

Sorry, we had another database glitch just now. Fixed and working on the root cause.

Update: Aha! I screwed up the MySQL configuration directory when I was copying the old database server over, so it was running with an out-of-date config file. That led to the issue with not being able to post a few days ago, and the issue with running out of connections just now.

All is stable again.

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Saturday, August 04


Maintenance This Weekend

Doing some more server maintenance this weekend to improve performance and shut off the old server. We might have some glitches, please bear with us.

Update: Found and fixed a couple of slow queries, and built a new index, which affected posting again but only for 12 minutes this time.

Update: We are switching servers right now! This should simply happen, but while it is happening images won't load on this site. They will load on your site, just not on this site, because I'm testing new features here. That should resolve itself soon.

Update: Waiting for DNS changes to propagate to complete the switch. I can already see the load spooling up on the new server and dying down on the old one as more people pick up the DNS change. It's kind of neat.

Update: Images are now loading here. We have normality. I repeat, we have normality. Anything you still can't cope with is therefore your own problem.

Update: Also, performance should be back to normal:
76kb generated in CPU 0.01, elapsed 0.0159 seconds.
14 queries taking 0.0109 seconds, 25 records returned.

Update: And I accidentally shut down the old server while running final backups, but at least that proved that the new server was working...

This weekend's updates brought to you by K-On!!!

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