A cricket bat!
Twelve years, and four psychiatrists!
I kept biting them!
They said you weren't real.

Sunday, January 10


Parler Embed Test

Ah, got it. It works just fine, but glitches slightly if you embed the same post twice in the page. That's not really a problem; I'll let them know and they can fix that when they have slightly fewer things to deal with.

Update: Implemented for testing here.

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Saturday, January 09


Video Spam Test Post

If this works properly, this post won't break your browser.

Update: But your browser might break it.

Compatibility Test Results

  • Chrome ✔
  • Firefox ✔
  • Edge ✔
  • Vivaldi ✔
  • Brave âœ”
  • Pale Moon ❌
  • Opera - not tested because I uninstalled it a year ago
  • Safari âœ”
  • Waterfox 3G ✔
  • Waterfox Classic âŒ

Waterfox Classic's DOM support is out of date - deliberately, so as not to break plugins - and Pale Moon's JavaScript support is way out of date.

I'll need to detect them via the user agent string and revert to direct (slow) embedding.

Huh. It works.

Once more, with feeling playlists.

That was... Surprisingly painless.

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