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Twelve years, and four psychiatrists!
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They said you weren't real.

Monday, October 27



I have extracted my blogroll from the evil clutches of Blogrolling, and put it up here for all to see. Yay!

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Sunday, October 26


Reminder Notice

If you are an anti-idiotarian, rightist (is that a word?), centrist, or even a non-barking-moonbat lefty, there's still time for you to get over to the New Blog Showcase and vote for Defending the Blogosphere Front in the War on Terrorism at Irreconcilable Musings.

We've already squished the LLLs like bugs, but there's always room for more squishing.

And if you are a barking-moonbat lefty, keep reading this blog and your cure is assured! (Warning: Some thinking may also be required.)

Update: It looks like the League of Losers tried a little Chicago-style "Vote early and often" chicanery, but they are rank amateurs at the game compared to Harvey of Bad Money:

Earlier this week (twice, actually) a bunch of losers ran a denial of service attack on Hosting Matters. Pissed me right off. First, if you don't like someone's blog, you should make a better one yourself. Second, if you're not qualified to do so, then just hit the damn back button & don't give them your traffic.

Irreconcilable Musings has a NBS entry that discusses this topic, and even offers an idea for something you can do to keep a good blog from being knocked down again. That makes him a winner in my book. Or at least votable.
And just for fun, I'm going to give IM some Chicago-style bonus votes. Rumor has it the Bear's vote counter is a little wonky. Well, when in Rome...

or Physics Geek:
Defending the Blogosphere Front in the War on Terrorism over at Irreconcilable Musings

I see that the Axis of Weenies has put in all their 27 votes for the post saying Bush=Hitler, Cheney=Satan, we're all being Enron-ed. Grow up, people. It's not the best written post, or even the most entertaining. If a liberal version of Frank J. ever appeared in the Showcase, I'd vote for it because it would be FUNNY. Actually, since most liberals are humor impaired, my example is a huge stretch, but you catch my drift. Anyway, voting for someone's blog just because you happen to agree with their ideology only makes you look stupid. Look, I can make like a liberal blogger, too: Bush is Hitler! Halliburton controls my life because Cheney is Satan! Bill Clinton makes me wet:razz uke::. Sorry, there are some things I just can't do.

Update: I see that the Axis of Weenies decided to cheat by treating the New Blog Showcase as their own personal Chicago-style election. I've decided to try their approach and make the assault so pernicious that Truth Laid Bear will cancel all the multiple votes as cheating. Since the lefties have decided to create a Florida redux election by manufacturing votes, I'll join right in.

In fact, Physics Geek posted that not once, but three times! Applause!

Update: Loyal reader and occasional commenter Mitch H. of Blogfonte tsks loudly. He has a point. But they started it! Um... I'm only reporting the news, not making it! Let's see... A rolling stone... No, that one doesn't work at all.

The drugs made me do it! Or possibly the devil! Devildrugs!

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Saturday, October 25


Ironie Ambiente

Blog of the Day is Ironie Ambiente:
Fouille. Aha! Matrices! UM, j'ai déjà environ 200 matrices; ils vivent dans un vase sur ma table de café. Je ne suis pas sûr pourquoi j'ai pensé qu'I a eu besoin des autres (compte) 28. Ils sont jolis, cependant.
Fouille! Haha!
J'allais signaler une information d'avertissement et suivante reçue d'une source secrète * que le poison d'une grenouille D'or-Jaune de dard de poison pourrait tuer jusqu'à 1500 personnes, et que vous devriez tous envoyer m'à de grands montants d'argent pour m'aider à éviter cette menace en achetant un bon nombre d'ordinateurs parce que nous tous savons cela qui produit des ordinateurs crée l'anhydride carbonique, qui est très mauvais pour les usines du ** de jungle d'Amazon où la grenouille D'or-Jaune de dard de poison a sa tanière. Ainsi si vous me donnez assez d'argent, je puis acheter assez d'ordinateurs pour les essuyer dehors entièrement! Et même si je puis seulement acheter un ordinateur, ce pourrait être assez pour tuer au moins une grenouille, et économiser les 1500 vies humaines.
Those damn grenouilles get everywhere!

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Friday, October 24


New Blog Showcase

Two picks stand out in this week's New Blog Showcase: Wally at Irreconcilable Musings on the Jihad against the Blogosphere - and what you can do about it, and Scott at Demosophia about the dangers liberal democracy faces from totalitarianism.

The other highlight of this week's showcase is the entry of the League of Losers Liberals into the sponsorship contest. No, let's call them what they are: Losers. The second post I mention, at Demosophia, about the dangers facing liberal democracy, that would be dear to the heart of all liberals, right? It would attract liberal votes the way a dead pygmy shrew attracts flies, right? (Please don't ask me how my Shrew Ranch is coming along. I just don't want to talk about it.)

But no, the LOSERS all vote for a pile up on Halliburton.

We don't need to lift a finger to marginalise these wankers. They've done it all by themselves, unable to see past their incoherent hatred for President George W. Bush.

PRESIDENT! GEORGE! W! BUSH! Hahahahahahaha!

Anyway, over at Munuviana, Susie calls on all Munuvians to vote. It's not just Munuvians who should vote, of course; all members of the Axis of Naughty, all the almost-but-not-quite-right-thinking people in The Alliance of Cheap Free Blogs, indeed, everyone who has a blog and is not a pathetic wanker, should get on the Ecosystem and show those "liberals" what the word used to mean.

Do it, because you know that if you don't, one day you will wake up to find that the frogs have taken over, and you won't be able to get a decent doughnut anywhere.

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Wednesday, October 22


Anerobic Bacteria R Us

If you put that nifty "I'm a Flowering Plant on the Blogosphere Ecosystem" script on your web site, and then Hosting Matters gets attacked by varmints again, your blog will suffer too.

Die, varmints! Die!

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I Like It

Hugh Hewitt, whose permalinks seem to be somewhat haphazard, uses the word demagouged in talking about a recent Howard Dean speech. Is that where you make an impassioned appeal to your audience, but just end up digging a hole for yourself?

Update: Rats, he's fixed it.

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Tuesday, October 21



Looks like all those other blogs that didn't make the grade to be hosted at mu.nu have gone down again. You know, Instapundit, LGF, IMAO, people like that.

I expect Hosting Matters are suffering another DDoS attack. I hate Microsoft.*

* This is not in fact a complete non-sequitur, as most of the machines used to launch DDoS attacks are Windows boxes that have been hacked.

Update: Back again. Maybe it was just a glitch.

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Monday, October 20


Ways and Means

Kevin of Wizbang notes that there's more than one way to skin a large mammal.

Way to go, Daniel.

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Saturday, October 18


New Blog Showcase

My picks this week are Beth (because she likes LeeAnn) and David, because a conservative on the left coast needs all the help he can get. And Alex and ChefQuix are worth a look too.

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Wednesday, October 08


Newsflash: Lost Lamb Located

Bill "Scoop" Cimino of Bloviating Inanities has managed to establish contact with our lost lamb, John Collins. Unfortunately, it looks like John might not be able to blog for a while. We'll see what we can do to fix that and get "the funniest man in the Blogosphere" up and blogging again A.S.A.P.

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