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Saturday, February 07



The new edition of Minx is working!

Okay, it's still in internal alpha testing, but after I ripped out its internals to provide for some of the major new features (scripting language, API support, safe third-party applets) it's been kind of broken for a while.

Now it's working fine, and seems to be at least close to the speed of 1.1.  I can optimise the common cases of my new tag dictionary class, which is very heavily used; that should help things along.


108kb generated in CPU 0.13, elapsed 0.1315 seconds.
65 queries taking 0.0324 seconds, 276 records returned.
Powered by Minx 1.1.2-beta.

106kb generated in CPU 0.12, elapsed 0.1285 seconds.
70 queries taking 0.0426 seconds, 279 records returned.
Powered by Minx 1.2-alpha-c1.

But I just noticed that recent comments aren't working on 1.2.*

Based on the work I've been doing at my day job over the past year, I do have some neat ways to potentially speed up the query side of things (and reduce the number of queries).  But that's only one third the total time, so Amdahl's Law applies in spades.

* Doh!  It's that blasted cross-referencing indexy thing I implemented.  Efficient, yeah, but if the cross-reference table is empty it don't work.  And if the cross-reference table isn't accurate, it don't work right.  I'll have to find - or rewrite - the code to rebuild the index, but at least I know it's not a bug.  As such.

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