It was a bad day. A lot of bad stuff happened. And I'd love to forget it all. But I don't. Not ever. Because this is what I do. Every time, every day, every second, this: On five, we're bringing down the government.

Saturday, April 23


Law of Conservation of Blogging

It seems to me that for every good, smart, funny and/or sensible blogger, there is a mirror image, an alternate, shadow-world, goatee'd-Spock version, who takes on the same form but has the essence completely inverted.

I call this the Law of Conservation of Blogging: For every blogger, there is an equal and opposite anti-blogger.

Case in point: James Wolcott is the anti-James Lileks.

What blogger/anti-blogger pairings have you noticed? And what happens when they meet? Do you have an anti-blogger? Discuss. I'll be back Tuesday.

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Thursday, April 14


Happy Birthday To Me!

This blog is two years old today.

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Monday, April 11


Least-Loved Bedtime Stories

Considering that this blog has been up and running for nearly two years, you'd think I'd have more than (counts on fingers) 33 blogs of the day. Well, I don't, and the reason is simple: I'm a lazy slug, and there's nothing I hate more than to have to do anything on a regular basis.

Having said that, there are lots of good blogs out there that you should be reading. Many of them actually get updated, unlike this one over the past month or two.

One such is Least-Loved Bedtime Stories (formerly Victory Soap, formerly Twisted Spinster, formerly, um, something else). It's the collected jottings of Andrea Harris, who also keeps Tim Blair's blog alive and, um, blogging.

If you're a fan of high-grade (and well-aimed) snark, Vic - uh, Least-Loved Bedtime Stories is the place for you. And if you're a reader of Tim Blair and have a few bucks sitting in your Paypal account, why not slip them to the lady who keeps him on the air? (I'm just glad I don't need progressive bifocals. $300 for lenses?)

Our very own Ilyka has something to say on the matter too.

Blog of the day, ladies and gentlemen: Least-Loved Bedtime Stories.

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Wednesday, April 06


Way To Go Captain Ed!

Captain Ed of Captain's Quarters, Instalanched, Slashdotted, media star and enemy of the Canadian government. He's even got an apropos Day by Day cartoon.

I'll see if I can resist saying that I knew him way back when. Oops, apparently not.

Update: What happens when you get Canadalanched:


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Saturday, April 02


Another Quick Note

Apparently the brouhaha over at Wizbang was all part of an elaborate practical joke that I walked right into the middle of.

I'll leave my previous posts up for the record. And Wizbang's link stays. Though if you do this again, guys, it's pie-in-the-face time. Frozen pies.

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Friday, April 01


A Quick Note

The Great Wizbang Evolution Debate (such as it was) is over, with Paul being hiativated for his excesses. (That's gotta hurt.) The discussion was getting a bit out of hand, and Kevin stepped in to settle things down.

And I haven't delunk* Wizbang, nor do I plan to. Hang on, I do link to them, don't I? Yes, thought so. While I agree with Pharyngula and disagree with Paul on this issue, I'm more likely on the whole to find good sense at Wizbang.

Republibertaricenterneocomoderates: The new big tent. Now with added name-calling!

* The only proper past-tense formation of delink.

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