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Saturday, March 10


More Stuffs

One of the problems I'm having with RSS is that while Minx can generate XML just fine, it couldn't specify that a particular page was XML. Now it can.

Also HTML (of course), plain text, SGML, CSS and CSV. And it worked first time.

I also have in-line edit links working (though not true in-line editing); working flags for HTML, BBCode, and smilies on posts; options for locked, hidden and system threads; options for allowing comments and pings on entries; options for active, public, shared, hidden and system templates; post types; and - oh, oops - no option to change the path for individual entries.

Now I need to work on the page system and folder content settings, comment moderation, and fixing the formatting options. (Currently format strings get lower-cased, but include case-sensitive options... Which doesn't quite work.) Fixed.

Oh, and avatars. Really want to get avatars working.

Let's try those flags now: bbcode smilies smile razz wink

Okay, that's fine.  The "hidden" setting didn't do a whole lot though.

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Friday, March 09


While I'm Playing

The editor for blog posts has rather more features than the one made available for comments.  As a blog owner, you can selectively make these available to commenters as well, as you wish.

You can do formatting stuff like this:


You can auto-capitalise each word.

You can change the font.

  • You can create lists.
You can centre your text.
Or right-justify it.

Or fully justify it, though that only works if the text is reasonably long, so I have to type a whole bunch of extra words here so that I can properly demonstrate the effect, which gets boring after a while, so I think I'll stop now.

You can insert images, flash files, and videos, which I won't demonstrate right now.

You can put boxes around things.
  1. You
  2. can
  3. change
  4. the
  5. way
  6. your
  7. lists
  8. appear.

More boxes.

  • And
  • more
  • lists.
You can create tables and forms too.  And I think there are some things I'm missing from the version I've set up.

You can't drag and drop videos from YouTube, though.

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Off The Record

One of the shortcomings of the editor I'm using for Minx - a shortcoming that is mirrored in every open-source and commercial editor I've looked at - is that there is no support for blockquotes. This sucks, rather, because blockquotes are very commonly used in both blogs and forums, exactly Minx's target market.

Now, I have source code to the editor, and it has hooks for adding custom buttons and tags, but it doesn't look trivial to make it work properly.

Meanwhile, you have three options:

  1. The least attractive: Use the Edit HTML option in the editor and stick the blockquote tags in manually. The editor will preserve them; it just doesn't have a feature to put them in for you.
    Like so.
  2. Use the indent button in the editor to mark your quotes. This will work fine, but doesn't pick up your CSS style settings for blockquotes.
    1. That will look like this. At least, it does if you do it in the middle of an ordered list.

  3. Use the [ quote ] bbtag.
    That looks like this.
    It also has the helpful feature that you can so
    So and so wrote:

    and it comes out as

    So and so wrote:

    Blah blah blah.

Using bbtags means you have to enable bbtag processing for your post... And right now, you can't do that. (Yes, that will be fixed very soon.)

I wonder what would happen to performance if I made it the default.  Well, I can soon find out.

Hello Pixy Misa, you are logged in to Minx.
Processing 0.09, elapsed 0.0975 seconds.
36 queries taking 0.018 seconds, 127 records returned.
Page size 92 kb.
Powered by Minx 0.93.05b.

Hello Pixy Misa, you are logged in to Minx.
Processing 0.1, elapsed 0.101 seconds.
36 queries taking 0.0178 seconds, 127 records returned.
Page size 92 kb.
Powered by Minx 0.93.05b.

2.6 milliseconds?  I think we'll survive. wink

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Testing BBTags

Let's see how this goes.

This should be italic.
This should be bold.
This should be underlined.
This should be strikethroughed.
This should be a link.
And this should be a blockquote.

Oookay, I think I need to work on the blockquotes...

Oh, yeah, I did change that.  I think I'll change it back... Done.  Good.

This should be subscript. And some normal text.
This should be superscript. And some normal text.
This should be the Ambient Irony logo:

Now, what else do we have?

This is a citation, which will probably just look like italics.
Churchill wrote:

History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.

Oh good, that one works.  I hadn't tested it before.  I wonder:
Winston Churchill wrote:

I always avoid prophesying beforehand, because it is a much better policy to prophesy after the event has already taken place.

Excellent.  Onward!

A line in the sand?
This should be small.
But this should be big.

Hmm.  The spoiler and nsfw tags don't work yet, I know that.

Oh, what the heck, let's make a table!

Yep, that works too.

See extended entry for the markup.

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Monday, March 05


More Dragon Drops

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Sunday, March 04


Welcome to Minxville, Population 1

Here we are, up and running on the almost-beta version of Minx (instead of the old alpha version). The limited beta test will start on Tuesday (March 6th) for existing users, with a larger-scale test following on the 13th, weather permitting.

Have a look around, let me know if you run into any hiccups. The title box looks a bit funny under Internet Explorer; I'll be hacking on the CSS tonight to see if I can fix that.

Most of the rest should be mostly working. I think.

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Saturday, March 03


Impending Chaos Alert

I'll be upgrading this blog to the new version of Minx tonight. That means migrating to a new server, so it may be lost in the fog of DNS for a few hours.

It also means that I'll shortly be enabling comment registration. This will apply to all Minx blogs; you will have to register to comment. Fortunately, all the and blogs running on Minx share a common user database, so your registration is good right across both domains.* Registration also gives you comment editing, private messaging, avatar thingys, and eligibility for the beta test, where we're giving away a thousand lifetime free accounts.

But right now I'm going to take a nap, because my head hurts.

* And also for other domains hosted on the same servers, though the cookies might not work.

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