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Saturday, March 06



My little icons aren't rotating. I'll attend to that this weekend, along with a couple of other minor tweaks.

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Friday, March 05


Pixy's Third Law of Blogging

The number of idiots your blog attracts is proportional to the square of the number of overall visitors. If your blog becomes sufficiently popular, it will be read exclusively by idiots.

To put it another way: As your total visitor count increases, so does the proportion of those visitors who are trolls or fools or worse. That's why Instapundit doesn't have comments.

To put it yet another way: Success is its own punishment.

Corollary: You don't get hate mail if no-one reads your blog.

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Pixy's Second Law of Blogging

The quickest and surest way to increase your site hits is to post naughty pictures. Just linking to such pictures will double your visitors; actually putting the pictures on your blog will multiply it by ten or more.

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Pixy's First Law of Blogging

No matter what the regular subject of a blog, be it politics or porn, knitting or nature, sooner or later it will be taken over by a string of posts about the blogger's computer problems.

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Thursday, March 04



I once slipped on some dead leaves, fell down a flight of stairs, landed with my right foot tucked underneath me, and got off with a sprained ankle.

Serenity wasn't so lucky.

Go visit her now, because she needs your support (and she's earned it).

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Tuesday, March 02


Trying to Grok

Sarah of Trying to Grok is here on MuNu and blogging up a storm.

Tell her Pixy sent you.

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Bestofme 'R' Us

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the 13th Annual Best of Me Symphony! Unfortunately, due to a conflicting engagement Billy Crystal could not be here to present the Symphony, so we're just going to have to make do without him.

We lead off with TPB, Esq. of Unbillable Hours and a fascinating peek into the the life of the family lawyer. I must say that it sounds a lot more Rumpole than Perry Mason.

Next in is Gary Cruse of The Owner's Manual, home of last week's Symphony, wondering if we in the West have become too stupid to survive. The answer is that some people indeed have; however, they are still protected by law.

The lovely and talented Susie of Practical Penumbra sings a paen of praise to Glenn Reynolds. No, really!

Simon of Simonworld rants about inaccurate views of his generation held by the previous generation, until he is distracted by something shiny.

Ted of Rocket Jones remembers his Uncle Art and reflects on the real value of things.

Northstar of The People's Republic of Seabrook takes an insightful look into how men deal with babysitting duties.

More song from Feste of A Foolsblog, who tells us of the UN Security Council's regrets.

Kiril of the wonderfully named Sneakeasy's Joint tells us that slowpokes have all the fun. Cycling. He's talking about cycling.

Bill of Idler Yet poses a trivia question that stumped me good. And I'm a member of the notorious Team L, boasting 28 consecutive victories against the evil Team H.

Jim, noble and wise creator of the Symphony, lurker at the bottom of your Snoozebutton Dreams, tells of his way of caring for sick children.

Rob of XSet (which stands for "Little Brown Furry Thing", only in Welsh) discusses the complexities of air fresheners.

Abnu of Wordlab had a bad feeling about that Timberlake dude long before the event. (Justin who? No, never mind.)

Mike the Marine explains why it's all your fault. You stole his ideas before he had them!

Bigwig of Silflay Hraka is assisting the Saudi Religious Police with their enquiries. Ever thoughtful, our Bigwig.

Bad Boy Harvey of Bad Money has some thoughts on pizza, hookers, and tipjars on blogs.

And to wrap things up on a suitably symphonic note, Pixy Misa of Ambient Irony has a little light music for you. (No, really!)

Next week's edition of the Symphony will be appearing at Irritable Blog Syndrome. Be there or be a regular quadrilateral!

Oh, and also check out the Carnival of the Capitalists, now appearing at D. F. Moore. One week only, tickets 10/6.

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