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Monday, November 18


Ceci N'est Pas Une Post

Just testing, nothing to see...

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Thursday, November 14


Quick Site Note 2

Load on the server is up with some more sites coming over to Minx; I've assigned more CPU resources to the application, and allocated more threads to the proxy.  We're still peaking at only about 40% of server capacity (plus we have a spare server sitting idle right now), so this not an issue; I just needed to reconfigure the virtual machines to better allocate the hardware resources.

It looks like the proxy was the main problem - when it ran out of threads it would simply drop the HTTP connection.  And I haven't updated the config in two years - the proxy had been running without interruption all that time.

Also, I've installed Redis for improved element caching; I'll bring that into production this weekend.

Update: Redis deployed!  Works nicely.  I was using in-process caching before, and with lazy key evictions and the increased number of worker processes, that was using up a fair bit of memory for a so-so hit rate.  Redis works much better.

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Saturday, November 09


Quick Site Note

I've enabled applet caching in Minx - what this means is that things like archive lists and recent comments might not update immediately, but will be cached for up to 60 seconds.  This is a big speed improvement on large and busy sites, reducing page load times in one case from 1.8 seconds to 36 milliseconds.

It seems to be working well, but if you see anything odd, let me know.

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