You know when grown-ups tell you everything's going to be fine, and you think they're probably lying to make you feel better?
Everything's going to be fine.

Monday, February 26


We Have A Go


File uploads are working.

Drag-and-drop image insertering is working.

File management is working... ish. You can't delete files just yet, but that's not a big task to fix.* And if you try to rename a directory to have the same path as an existing directory, the results are undefined. At best. I think I'll just disallow that.

I still have a bunch of little things to fix. For example, I thought that the drag-and-drop image feature wasn't working, but that was because the allow.html flag wasn't getting set on my test posts, so all the HTML in those posts was escaped, which made the images not work, which was what I was testing, so I thought that that was where the problem was, until I finally decided to check the data getting written into the database and found that that was correct even though the final HTML in the page was wrong, which meant that it was an errant filter causing the problem and not the WYSIWYG editor.**

Which is good, because the filters are a whole lot easier to fix than the editor. Cute editor, but it's more code than the whole rest of Minx at the moment.

Attachments aren't working just yet. It would be very easy for me to get them to work, but I really want to get them properly integrated with the file uploads, and there's a little conceptual difficulty there relating to the ownership of the files and the permissions to manage content on the sites involved. I probably have a couple more days of work to get that sorted out.

Which means:

PS2: Check.
PS2 S-Video cable: Check
PS2 memory card: Check
PS2 gamepad: Check
FF XII: Check
PS2 power cord: Hmm. Looks like a standard figure-8 240V socket. Must have a few of those in the cupboard... Upstairs... Somewhere... Bah.

* Actually, you can't delete anything just yet. I have a set of delete functions defined, but they don't do nothing. I've been leaving them for a rainy day, which seems to have arrived.

** The allow.html flag should be cascading from the site (via the default or current folder auth record) and the user preferences... but it isn't, so it's off by default, which makes posts not work.

Uh, damn - I have to demo this tomorrow. I think I might just stick a 1 in there for now.

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Wednesday, February 21


Sneak Preview


I hope to open the gate to the first group of beta testers later this week; large scale beta-testing will follow in March.

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Thursday, February 01


And Ryoga Makes... Seven?

I seem to be accumulating servers here. I have three dedicated to - Akane and Nabiki, currently in production, and now Kasumi as well; two dedicated to - Ukyo and Shampoo; and now two for file serving and off-site backups - Ranma and Ryoga. 12 CPUs, 16GB of memory, 4.5TB of disk, and 13TB of monthly bandwidth.


Update: Added Mousse. 8 servers, 13 CPUs, 17GB of memory, 5TB of disk, 14.5TB bandwidth.

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