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Tuesday, August 30


Location, Location, Location

Okay, I've lined up reasonably-priced providers in the following locations:
  • Phoenix (2)
  • Dallas (2)
  • Atlanta
  • New Jersey
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • Fremont
I'm not sure about the company operating the Chicago and Fremont hosting - they seem to have happy customers, but they're small and operate out of Malaysia.  Mind you, I'm even smaller and operate out of my living room...

One of the providers in Phoenix - I/O Flood - is also a tiny company, but they clearly know what they are doing (very active online) and their pricing is great.  The other two providers have been in business for years and I've had servers with both of them previously, but they're the most expensive.  (But still significantly cheaper than what I'm paying now.)

Fremont, Dallas, and New Jersey would make sense from a geographical perspective, but I really like the guys in Phoenix.  Maybe Phoenix and Atlanta.

Ah, decisions, decisions. wink

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Saturday, August 27


Planned Downtime

We're going to have a little downtime around 1AM CDT this Sunday to replace the failed drive.  Should only be around 15 minutes assuming all goes well.  If all goes wrong, could be a couple of hours.  I'd place the probabilities at about 60/40.

Running and double-checking backups right now.

Update: Ran a little late and a little long and a little hiccupy, but all done now.

Update to the update: And then when all was said and done, the network decided to notwork: The switch lost track of all our IP addresses and effectively null-routed the server.  Had to manually bind them directly to the network interface, then restart the virtual servers one by one.

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Sunday, August 21


Sorry About That, Folks!

Had a drive failure1, which caused the system to reboot2, which caused a lengthy filesystem check because we'd been up so long3, which when circumvented allowed us to boot cleanly, which highlighted a networking glitch4, which when fixed allowed us to find the database corruption5 which we've now fixed allowing us to get back on the air.

I was supposed to be in a conference session on hosting web applications right about now...

1 Grrr Western Digital! 6
2 Grrr Adaptec! 6
3 Grrr ext3 default settings which I didn't bother to override...6
4 Grrr OpenVZ! 6
5 Grrr MySQL! 6
6 Though it must be said that we've been running on this without a hiccup for nearly 18 months.

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