Thursday, April 25


Just My Opinion

Web and app designers who employ grey text on a grey background for copy should be shot.*

Right now, looking at you, new Google Play app.

It keeps happening because it looks great. It's a miserable experience to actually read, but it looks stylish and elegant.

* For grey-on-grey headings, they should merely be slapped with a dead sturgeon.

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Tuesday, April 23


Windows 8 Sucks

There are some good bits.  The Task Manager is a solid improvement.  And the file copy activity dialog is what it always should have been.  Those are a couple of minor items, though.  Overall, it sucks.

Needlessly, because there's a perfectly functional operating system underneath; they've simply layered a whole bunch of crapware and crippling and blatantly idiotic configuration choices on top and broken it.

I give it zero out of ten, as in, there is zero reason to use it.  If you want to run Windows, stick with 7; if you want a touch-enabled device, use Android.

It might be redeemable with something like Classic Shell; I'll find out.  Of course, again, there is no reason why you should need to do that, but if you're stuck with a Windows 8 laptop (like me) and (unlike me) no spare Windows 7 keys, there's potentially a way to fix the most egregious of Microsoft's fuckups.

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