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Sunday, March 17


SinCity Part III

In which Maxis/EA attempt to cover up their earlier lies with more lies.

At this point I'm getting a distinct whiff of class-action lawsuit drifting in from the ether.

Update: The reason I think this is important is not that SimCity is a bad game - that happens - or that the launch was a train wreck - that happens too.  It's that everyone knew it would turn out like this, and it would have been just as easy to do it right as to screw it up beyond redemption.  It's not the failure itself, it's the wasted potential that galls me.

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Friday, March 15


SinCity Part II

Given Maxis/EA's repeated assertions that the reason SimCity 5 is restricted to online play only is that significant parts of the simulation are handled on the servers because the requirements are too steep for desktop PCs and it can't actually run standalone, coupled with the ongoing costs of providing such infrastructure, there were really only two views one could take: Either their engineers and project managers are deeply, deeply incompetent, or they're lying through their teeth.

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Tuesday, March 12



Filed this under "Rant", but it's not my rant, it's by John Walker over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun:
[T]here was only one valid response from EA after the clusterfuck of SimCity’s launch: capitulation. A full admission that the DRM that infests their game was needless, a bad mistake, and that they’re working to strip it out for single-player games as quickly as possible.

Claiming SimCity fixed, by removing the server queues, random crashes, lost cities, server drops, and the artificial restrictions placed on the game just to make it run, is like claiming a broken leg fixed because you’ve mended the crutches.

That's just getting warmed up.  And some of the comments are downright harsh.

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