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Wednesday, April 25


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Hey, my C drive is full.  How did that happen?

And why the hell doesn't Windows support symbolic links?  Yes, I know that it has symbolic links, I'm saying, why doesn't it support them, instead of doing things like this:
Explorer will delete the contents under your symlink when you delete the symlink. Restoring the symlink from the Recycle Bin does not restore the deleted data. But below the volume threshold, Explorer does not delete the target's data, but flags it invisibly for final deletion! This means you can delete a symlink, and then still use the data formerly under it, until you empty the Recycle Bin. Then the contents of the targeted folder will vanish. There is no warning about this behavior.

Does iTunes at least allow me to change my directory?  Yes.  +1 for Apple, -1 for Microsoft.  Now I just have to copy 137 GB of music and podcasts across to my shiny new 500GB drive... And then buy another shiny new 500GB drive, because THIS ONE'S FULL.

At least they're cheap - prices on 500GB drives have plummeted the last few months.  Back in November I specified 320GB drives for some new servers because the 500GB were two-and-a-half times the price; now I can get a 500 for what I paid for those 320's. 

Oh, and part of the reason it's full is that I've been moving stuff off my 3x200GB spanned volume on my Windows box, because I don't trust Windows not to break it, and I don't need to do that now that 500GB drives are so cheap.  I don't accumulate data quite that fast.

Update: And -5 points to Apple for creaing an application that, when you change the directory it uses, still assumes that all your files are in the old directory, and provides no clear way to do anything about it.  There are workarounds, but the workaround provided by Apple only works if you do it before you move the files, which is... unhelpful.  The workaround that worked involved hand-editing the XML file iTunes generates and then deliberately corrupting the binary database, causing a database rebuild - and then manually re-importing the XML file as well.

At least, I think it worked.

Update: And then manually re-importing some lost directories, and then re-subscribing to my podcasts, only two of which tried to download all the old episodes again...

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