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Saturday, April 04


No Poo


Guess I won't have my new server today. sad

Hmm.  Hang on.  It also says it's already configured with 2 CPUs, 12 DIMMS, 3 disks and 1 SSD.  So what inventory check did it fail?

Update: Okay, it was just some software inventory issue.  The automated hardware burn-in test is running now.

Update: So I sent an email off to sales to check up on a couple of things, and they managed to sound like they answered all of my questions without actually answering any of them.  Yeah, the natural way to read the response is that the answer is yes, but it doesn't actually say that, it answers subtly different and completely unhelpful questions instead.

It's annoying and kind of embarassing to have to ask the same questions again to try to elicit an apropos response, but if I don't sort it out now it could be a major pain in the future.

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What The Hell, Microsoft?

I was just installing the drivers for my colour laser (nice internet connectivity there, HP - 7kb/sec?) so I could print out the receipt for my shiny new server and my E drive disappeared.  Not in Explorer, not in Storage Manager, just gone.

Out of all of my drives, that would be best one to lose, but that doesn't mean I want to lose it.  But if something weird happens when you install a driver, 99% of the time it will be Windows or the driver at fault, and so it was.

But still - how the hell can a printer driver disable a disk drive, Microsoft?

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