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Sunday, August 30


Summer Theologica

I'm running way behind on this one - it's been a hectic month, developing new systems, putting out forest fires, cruising the Aegean - but I have enough tracks together now to at least put up an early, incomplete relase.

Another reason for delay is that Summer Theologica has expanded into a double album, which wasn't at all as planned.  I'll outline the tracks first, then paste in links as the files get uploaded to the server.

You can find our other recent works at SemiAutumnatic and Winter Collection.  Part four of our tenth-anniversary collection, Unsprung, is scheduled to be released next month, if I can persuade the girls to get back into the studio.

Update: 14 tracks uploaded and ready to go.

Update: 4 more tracks - Gödel's Dilemma, Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll.

Update: And two more, which I think will be all for tonight: Laplace's Demon and Russell's Teapot.  Who knew that Bertrand Russell could get funky?

Updte: Two more tracks - Socrates' Method and Hume's Problem.  Nearly done!  There will be a third disc at some point with studio sessions of the live recordings and some remixes.  I'm also going to move a couple of tracks around...  Well, you'll see. smile

Update: Uploaded the closing tracks of discs 1 & 2: Anak Krakatau and Thera, respectively.

Update: All tracks and mixes uploaded.  Done!  That leaves me, oh, a whole day to get the next album out...

Disc 1

Side A - Islands of the Sun

1. Kiribati
2. Vanuatu
3. Tuvalu
4. Tahiti

Side B - Ontological Arguments

5. Anselm's Canon
6. Descartes' Devil
7. Pascal's Wager
8. Gödel's Dilemma

Side C - False Friends

9. Romanzo
10. Embarazada
11. Jubilación

Side D - Ashes to Ashes

12. Anak Krakatau

Disc 2

Side A - Islands of the Moon (with Axiolotl)

Recorded live at the Daedalus Cafe, Santorini, August 2009.

1. Samos
2. Icaria
3. Santorini
4. Antikythera

Side B - Argumentative Ontologies

5. Socrates' Method
6. Hume's Problem
7. Laplace's Demon
8. Russell's Teapot

Side C - False Prophets

9. Sex
10. Drugs
11. Rock & Roll

Side D - Dust to Dust

12. Thera

Disc 3 - Extras

Side A - Alternatives

1. Samos (studio mix)
2. Icaria (studio mix)
3. Santorini (studio mix)
4. Antikythera (studio mix)
5. Thera (studio mix)

Side B - Aftermath

6. Longing
7. Loss

Side C - Intercession

8. Euclid's Fifth
9. Tale of the Moth-Eaten Binky


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