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Monday, October 11


What's That Tune?

It's Music for a Found Harmonium by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra.

It plays during the Basel section of the BBC's The Story of Maths, about the Bernoulli family.  I knew it, but couldn't place it, and it's been driving me mad for several minutes.

If you're not familiar with the piece, it's this:

(I think the producer of the series is a Penguin Cafe Orchestra fan; now that I've placed the Harmonium piece, I'm pretty sure their Perpetuum Mobile was in there too.)

Update: Just purchased Preludes, Airs & Yodels, their compilation album, on iTunes.  That cost me 98¢; the rest was covered by the gift card I got for participating in an Adobe survey last year.  Yeah, I haven't been buying much music of late.  That $30 iTunes gift card has lasted me through two years of random episodes of Name That Tune!

Though actually I have still to purchase In C.

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