This wouldn't have happened with Gainsborough or one of those proper painters.

Tuesday, February 20


Things I Learned From Stargate

  • Planets are small things, rarely supporting more than a handful of villages.

  • The two most dangerous professions in the galaxy are Space Marine and Senior Medical Officer.

  • All pre-industrial civilisations are blissed-out hippies.

  • All post-industrial civilisations are stupid.

  • All industrial civilisations are psychotic.

  • You can get away with anything if you can plausibly lay the blame on a parallel universe.

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Sunday, February 04


The Other Magical Harry

Caught the first two episodes of The Dresden Files today. If you haven't heard of this, and you like urban fantasy, you should check out author Jim Butcher's site and then take a look in your favourite bookstore.

Anyway, the show: It's good. It's not a direct adaptation of the books, at least not so far; there are hints that some later episodes will be closer to the source material.* Also, there are changes: Harry's apartment is aboveground; the Blue Beetle has been replaced by a Korean War era Jeep (which is fine; the reason Harry drives the Beetle in the books works just as well for a Jeep, and a Jeep would make some of the scenes in the books work better); Murphy is brunette; and Bob has gone all Quantum Leap on us.**

None of these present a major problem, and Paul Blackthorne makes a great Harry Dresden. He's not quite how I pictured Harry... or wasn't, until I saw him playing the part. Valerie Cruz isn't Murphy, but I think she'll make an acceptable not-Murphy. Terrence Man isn't quite Bob either, but given the changes that they needed to make to Bob for TV, I think he'll do fine. Conrad Coates as Morgan hasn't shown up yet, though it's a good sign that they list him as a major character.

Overall, a strong thumbs up from me. SciFi have put the whole first episode online so you can take a look.

* From this page, episode 6 is titled The Storm Front; Storm Front is the first book in the series.

** You'll know what I mean when you see the first episode. You'll say "Who the heck is that?!" That's Bob. "Oh... He's gone all Quantum Leap on us!" It works okay though, and book-style Bob would have been tricky to bring across to TV.

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