This wouldn't have happened with Gainsborough or one of those proper painters.

Sunday, March 26


The No Good Place

Imagine that Douglas Adams had written a TV show set in Heaven, starring an acerbic Peter Capaldi as Archangel Gabriel and Eve Myles as a lying cheating alcoholic who got routed to the wrong afterlife.  And that Adams used this premise to produce a biting satire of the hypocrisies of modern liberal society while at the same time keeping it whip-crack funny.

Now imagine that one of the US networks had decided to remake this little gem, only tweaked just a little so as not to ruffle American sensibilities, with a hapless Ted Danson in the Capaldi role (with all the interesting characteristics filed off) and a watery Kristen Bell playing the misplaced soul.  And that there was absolutely no chemistry between any of the cast members, and that the script was even more relentlessly formulaic than usual.  And that the resulting mess was just painfully unfunny.

That would be NBC's The Good Place.


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