Thursday, July 26


Font Set Two Is In The Water!

Font set two, featuring the work of the astoundingly prolific Manfred Klein.  I've only used a small selection of his work, the fonts I felt best suited to blog banners... Out of what I've downloaded so far.  That still makes for over 160 fonts.

Just as I was preparing this post, I heard back from Manfred giving me the go ahead.  So we're cool for school. smile

Samples in the extended entry; 164 files, total about 1.3MB.


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Font Set One Is In The Air!

The first (of two) starter font sets for the theme builder is ready.  I hope to finish the second set today, and then finish coding the theme builder itself.

Samples are in the extended entry. This might take a while to load - it's about 3MB in 152 files.  (Update: Oops, they were 32-bit images.  Squished down to 8-bits now, so it's only about 1MB.)

As I mentioned before, these are all the work of the lovely and talented and all-round nice guy Nick Curtis.  Set two will highlight another font designer, Manfred Klein.*

* Assuming Manfred is okay with this.  I've emailed him about the project and hope to hear back soon.  Unfortunately, another designer whose work I very much like, Derek Vogelpohl, has disappeared from the net and can't be contacted.  Derek's fonts are under a mixture of freeware and non-commercial-only licenses, so I'm hesitant to use any of them without his consent.


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